DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

38.11 Handling UNRECOGNIZED Macros

Sometimes you may get syntax errors like UNRECOGNIZED_STATEMENT, UNRECOGNIZED_ACTION etc. when you use macros.

If the macros are declared in your project in one of the files that appear in the Compile Order View, then it might be a bug, please report it.

However, there are several cases when you will have to use a work-around in order to get rid of such errors:

  • you use macros defined in some encrypted eVC, for example vr_ad, hence we cannot parse the macro definitions and detect matches

  • you use undocumented constructs like keep for, report, display

Our recommendation is:

  1. Create a separate file ( eclipse_macros.e) where you'll define dummy macros for unrecognized constructs.

  2. Put the dummy macros file in your project.

  3. Configure the Project Top Files so that the dummy macros file will be the first one.

  4. Rebuild.

Dummy macros might look like: