DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.15, 10 July 2024

38.34 How does DVT integrate with CVS?

Get the CVS plugin: The simplest way is to install DVT from a prepacked distribution that includes the CVS plugin for Eclipse. For an Eclipse installation that does not include the CVS plugin: go to Help > Install New Software, select Work With: All Available Sites then type CVS in the filter text input. After filtering is done, you should select Eclipse CVS Client under Collaboration, and follow the next steps of the wizard.

Configure the CVS repository: After the plug-in is installed, create a repository connection: Window > Open Perspective > Other, then select CVS Repository Exploring. Now, in the CVS Repositories view on the left side right click > New > Repository Location and fill in the connection information. After this step is completed successfully you can browse your repository and check out projects, or (by returning to the e Language Perspective) you should find in the Navigator View that the previously checked out projects are now recognized as shared projects. If you right click on a file/directory in the Navigator View, you should have common operations under the Team menu ( Update/Commit/Show history etc).