DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.10, 14 May 2024

Chapter 21. Show Constraints

To see where a field or variable is constrained, right click on it's name > Show > Constraints.

The results are presented in the Search View.

The results include:

Constraints or type constraints involving the variable.
In-line constraints involving the variable, in do ... keeping {} and gen ... keeping {} actions.
Initializations involving the variable in new ... with {} actions.
Allocations of the variable using new.
Generations of the variable using gen or do actions.

Tip: For generatable fields you can also hold down the Ctrl key while hovering the name of the field with the mouse cursor, and pick Show Constraints from the pop-up list.

Tip: You can also trigger this functionality from a view's context menu, for example from the Types View or UVM Browser View.

Tip: You can choose to hide the matches where the field or variable is initialized or generated Filters... button: