DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

35.15.14 Type Hierarchy View

The Type Hierarchy View presents the like-inheritance and the members of a struct or unit.

Position the cursor on the element name and press F4 or right click and choose Type Hierarchy from the menu.

The Type Hierarchy View is automatically opened at any invocation. You can also open it from Window > Show View > Other... > DVT > Type Hierarchy.

You can right click in the inheritance tree and further inspect the Type Hierarchy or see Usages.

You can use CamelCase or Simple Regex to locate a specific element.

Show History List

Click to see the previously inspected types:


Select what members to show (methods, fields, events etc.): Quick Type Hierarchy View

You can quickly inspect and jump to a specific parent or child in the hierarchy. Press Ctrl+T with the cursor positioned on the element name.

The Quick Type Hierarchy View will pop-up and present a filterable list with all of the selected element's hierarchy.

You can use CamelCase or Simple Regex to locate a specific element.

Select and press Enter or click to jump to the corresponding source location.

Tip: While the Quick Type Hierarchy View is open you can press Ctrl+T to switch between Full type and Supertype hierarchy.

For methods you can also see the implementations along the hierarchy (icons are not grayed).