DVT e Language IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.10, 14 May 2024

14.3 Vertical Alignment

When enabled, this option performs vertical alignment.

  • Vertical Alignment Tokens (ro.amiq.edt/format.vertical_align.tokens)

The lines of code inside the same scope are aligned by the specified comma separated list of vertical alignment tokens. Vertical alignment is performed left to right, by the same token. For example assuming '=' and ':' as vertical align tokens: In order to use the comma character ',' as a vertical alignment token, the character must be preceded by the escaping character '\'.

Before After ("=" token)
  • Only consecutive lines (ro.amiq.edt/format.vertical_align.consecutive_lines) - When enabled, only consecutive lines are vertically aligned. Two lines are consecutive if they follow each other or are separated by comment lines.

Before After
  • Vertical align single line comments (ro.amiq.edt/format.vertical_align.sl_comments) - When enabled, single line comments are aligned.

Before After