DVT PSS IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.15, 10 July 2024

26.8 Lazy Bring up Resources

You may experience Eclipse Platform slow-downs when project directories contain a large number of files and directories (10s of thousands), either directly or via linked resources, especially when working with slow network mounted filesystems.

If you want to avoid such issues or simply avoid the clutter and work only with the files you're interested in, you can use -include first_level flag when creating the project with the Command Line Interface.

In this case, DVT will bring only the files and directories (without their content) located directly under the project root. If you want to further bring in the contents of a directory, simply double click it.

The current configuration of the directories you're working with in DVT is serialized at the User level settings in a <project>_config.yaml file, located under the lazy_resources directory.

This file contains a section for every build configuration of the project. By default, the newly brought directories' content is serialized under the All category and will apply for all the build configurations of the project.

To apply some filters only for a particular build configuration, you can manually move them to the correspondent section.

After opening a directory, a notification will be displayed in the top right corner of the editor, letting you know that the filters were added in the configuration file.

Click the right "Open config file" button to open the configuration file.

Click the left "+" button in the notification to inspect the list of directories whose content was brought in.

You can close a directory that is no longer needed by right clicking and choosing Close Resources.

Note: The -include first_level flag will be automatically injected at the creation time if the project directory sits on top of a large filesystem tree (more than 50000 children) or if the project directory is located on a slow filesystem (listing all the files takes more than 10 seconds).

Note: Some configuration resources are always included: .dvt, .settings.