DVT PSS IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

26.14.12 Verification Hierarchy View

The Verification Hierarchy View presents the component instance tree including pools.

Click the T button to select a top component. From the editor place the cursor on the name of a component and press Shift+F6 or right-click and choose Show > Verification Hierarchy from the context menu.

The Verification Hierarchy View opens with the chosen component set as the top of the hierarchy. You can also go to Window > Show View > Verification Hierarchy to open the view.

  • Select Top A drop-down menu/pop-up dialog to select from top components. A top component instantiates other component and it is not itself instantiated. For example, the component pss_top.

  • History List Click to see the previously inspected tops.

  • Show/Hide Actions Shows or hides the actions of the selected component. You can set the actions panel to the right or below the hierarchy.

  • Alphabetical Sort Sort instances and actions alphabetically. By default it is off, which means that the instances and the actions are presented in their declaration order from the source files.

  • The view label shows the current project, the current top component and the number of instances in the hierarchy.

  • You can use the quick filter bar to locate a specific instance or action. See Quick Search in Views for more details.

You can double-click on any component or on any action to go to its declaration.

Right-click on a component instance in the hierarchy and you have the option to search for its usages, to open its declaration.

Right-click on an action and you have the option to search for its usages, to show its layers, to show its type hierarchy.