DVT PSS IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.15, 10 July 2024

26.10.4 dvt_plugin_installer.sh

This script is a command line utility that can be used to install/uninstall/update plugins from any type of update site into the DVT Eclipse distribution.


Usage: $DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_plugin_installer.sh ...

    [-i|install <feature>]*
        - The name of the feature to be installed

    [-d|delete|uninstall <feature>]*
        - The name of the feature to be uninstalled

    [-u|update <feature>]*
        - The name of the feature to be updated

    [-r|repo|repository <uri>]*
        - Repository URI or filesystem path

    [-w|workspace <dir>]
        - Temporary workspace directory for this script (default /tmp/)

        - Simulate the operation

        - List installed features

        - Display this help


Update DVT offline from a downloaded archived update site:

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_plugin_installer.sh               \
    repo /path/to/dvt_update_site-*.zip             \
    update ro.amiq.dvt.feature

Update DVT from online update site:

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_plugin_installer.sh               \
    repo https://eda.amiq.com/update/latest/   \
    update ro.amiq.dvt.feature

Uninstall a plugin (ViPlugin) from the distribution:

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_plugin_installer.sh               \
    delete com.mbartl.eclipse.viplugin.feature

List all installed plugins:

$DVT_HOME/bin/dvt_plugin_installer.sh list