Specador Documentation Generator User Guide
Rev. 24.1.10, 14 May 2024

6.6 External Diagram Generators

Specador offers the ability to export custom generated diagrams directly from comment descriptions.

Below is an example on how to embed PlantUML diagrams in the Specador documentation:

When writing custom diagram descriptions, they need to be enclosed between DVT_DIAGRAM_START and DVT_DIAGRAM_END pragmas.

Available options when writing custom diagram descriptions:

   @program        [MANDATORY] Absolute path to the external diagram generator or the name of the diagram generator to be searched in $PATH (environment variables are supported)
   @input_file     [OPTIONAL]  The diagram description input, which will be passed to the program. Absolute path or relative to the current source file.
   @input          [OPTIONAL]  In the absence of an input file, you can write diagram description inline.
   @output_file    [OPTIONAL]  Path to the generated diagram. Absolute path or relative to the current source file. If not specified it will be generated under a temporary directory.
   @args           [OPTIONAL]  Additional arguments for the program.
   @replace_params [OPTIONAL]  Replace module parameters and macros with their default value. Default value: false.

Important: Specador will invoke the generator as follows: @program @input_file @output_file @args

Note: Diagrams can be opened in full screen for better inspection.

Note: SystemVerilog module parameters and macros default values can also be passed to the input description using the following syntax: