DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

40.17.5 Config DB View

The Config DB View shows all operations performed on the UVM Configuration Database via uvm_config_db set and get method calls.

Open the view from the UVM menu > Show Config DB. The view is populated only after setting a runtime elaborated Verification top.

By default, set and subsequent get calls for a specific configuration setting are clustered together and shown under the Setters and Getters section. Setters without Getters and Getters without Setters are shown in separate sections.

To see set and get calls in a flat list sorted by execution index, click the Sort By Execution toolbar button.

The view columns represent:

  • Call: The configuration method, either set or get, followed by the execution index between square brackets.

  • Type: The configuration object type.

  • Context: The verification hierarchy path to the context component.

  • Instance name: The verification hierarchy to which the configuration is applicable.

  • Field name: The configuration target field name.

  • Value: The actual value of the configuration object.

The quick search bar applies to any of the view’s columns.

Note: The view presents only set and get calls up to the end of elaboration phase.

Using the Filters toolbar button you can:

  • Hide unassociated UVM Config DB Setters (setters without getters)

  • Hide associated UVM Config DB Setters and Getters

  • Hide unassociated UVM Config DB Getters (getters without setters)

  • Hide UVM Config DB Setters for read only resources

Tip: Double-click to go to the set or get method call.

Tip: Right-click on a node to copy the content of the Instance Name or Field Name columns to the clipboard.