DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

36.2.2 Interface

On the left side of the Field Editor Dialog there is a list containing all the fields in the class. You can register/unregister the class by clicking on the checkbox in the Class group. When the class is registered you can register or unregister fields by checking the corresponding checkboxes. When selecting a field you can also find information about the macro used for registration in the OVM Registration Macro group. If it's not the desired macro you can fix it using the Fix button. On the right side you can see the flag status of the registered fields.

Its main features are highlighted and explained below:

1. Summary information regarding registrations: no. of registered fields, total no. of fields in class, no. of errors, no. of warnings.

2. Content Filters matched indication

3. Class checkbox that allows you to toggle the registration state.

4. Field type

5. Field name

6. Field icon. The field icons have the following meanings:

Icon Meaning
The class is not registered
The class is registered
The field is a virtual interface
The field is instantiated and is a UVM Component
The field is instantiated and is a UVM Object
The field is a port
The field is an array
The field is not registered.
The field is registered.
The field is registered and affected by a warning.
The field is registered and affected by an error.

7. Field registration checkbox that allows you to toggle the registration state.

8. Select/Deselect all buttons. Used to register/unregister all the fields in a class.

9. Fix button. Used to fix a macro registration if the right one isn't used

10. The UVM Registration Macro that is currently used for the selected field.

11. Message area: displays error/warning messages.

12. Field operation checkbox. If checked, the flag will be added to the registration.

13. Field operation controls: allow you to select / clear all of the checkboxes.

14. Print radix radio button. If checked, the radix will be set in the registration. At most one radix can be specified.

15. Tooltip: hover with the mouse pointer any field operation checkbox or print radix radio button to obtain information about the flag.

16. Clear print radix: allows you to unset the print radix (set all radio buttons off).