DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

43.10 Non existing package mti_fli

mti_fli is a non-standard proprietary SV package built into Questa. To let DVT read it you should prepend the following line to your build configuration.


where ${QUESTA_ROOT} denotes the location where Questa is installed.

NOTE: In case you have an external builder configured to use the default.build, this setting will also be passed to the simulator. Therefore, the simulator will issue errors like:

** Error: /apps/questasim/verilog_src/dpi_cpack/dpi_cpackages.sv(4):
   Builtin package "mti_fli" cannot be replaced.

To work around this issue, you need to have different command files for DVT and for the external builder.