DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.15, 10 July 2024

41.10 Output and logging

Compilation related information is printed to console during the build process: dvt_build.sh, verissimo.sh and specador.sh print the information to the standard output.

In DVT Eclipse IDE or DVT IDE for VSCode, the information is printed to the integrated build console.

The console contains:

  1. Build configuration file inclusion tree

  2. For each compiled file, the path and compilation time

  3. Compilation problems summary (max 20 items, in precedence order: build configuration errors, syntax errors, semantic errors)

  4. Compilation problems waiving summary (for dvt_build.sh, verissimo.sh and specador.sh only when the print_compile_waivers_info argument is provided on the commandline)

  5. Statistics such as total number of lines, total build time, and duration of each compilation phase

A log file containing more fine-grained information is also generated:

  1. dvt_build.sh, verissimo.sh and specador.sh generate a log file called dvt_build.log when the '-log <log file>' argument is provided on the command line

  2. In DVT Eclipse IDE or DVT IDE for VSCode the dvt_build.log file is generated by default in the project’s root directory

In addition to the information printed in the console, the log file contains:

  1. All compilation errors and warnings in compilation order

  2. Detailed waiving information including all waived problems


In DVT Eclipse IDE or DVT IDE for VSCode you can use the following build configuration directives:

+dvt_build_log_to_file+<true/false>Enable/disable internal builder logging to file. Default: true.
+dvt_build_log_to_console+<true/false>Enable/disable internal builder logging to console. Default: true.

In dvt_build.sh, verissimo.sh and specador.sh you can use the following command line arguments:

log <log file>Log to specified file
ignore_build_config_errorsIgnore build configuration errors. If this option is used compilation continues despite any build configuration errors and these errors are not printed into the console
ignore_compile_errorsIgnore compile errors. If this option is used the compilation errors are not printed into the console. Has precedence over print_all_compile_problems
print_compile_waivers_infoPrints how many problems each compile waiver has matched
print_all_compile_problemsPrint all compile problems. Include waived problems if used with '-print_compile_waivers_info'
silentTurn on minimal output