DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.15, 10 July 2024

41.2.2 Parameter values

During elaboration, parameters (or generics in VHDL) get their values computed. The following sources, ordered by importance, are searched:

1. Configuration overrides. Any override of a parameter in a SystemVerilog config or a VHDL configuration rule is considered first.

// SystemVerilog

config cfg;

instance top.inst use amod #(.PARAM(1))



configuration cfg of top_entity

for rtl

for inst : aent use entity work.aent generic map (PARAM => 1); end for;

end for;

end configuration;

2. Defparam assignments

// SystemVerilog

defparam top.inst.PARAM = 1;

3. Instantiation overrides

// SystemVerilog

amod #(.PARAM(1)) inst();


inst : entity work.aent generic map (PARAM => 1);

4. Default values

// SystemVerilog

parameter int PARAM = 1;


generic (PARAM : integer := 1);

The computed value can be seen in the parameter tooltip.

The Inspect View will also show it, alongside number base conversions.

To easily jump to the driver or source of the parameter value, you can use the Jump To Assignment hyperlink.

Note The current design path, shown in the Design Breadcrumb, is used for determining the instance to which the inspected parameter belongs.