DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

37.12.2 Preferences

In the first page of the wizard you can configure:

  1. Refactor Script: the Refactor Script to use for performing the migration. DVT is shipped with predefined scripts (e.g. OVM 2.1.1 to UVM 1.0 EA), but you can also use custom scripts tailored to your needs (just click Browse to point to a script file on your disk). You can see the content of the selected script by clicking Inspect.

  2. Skip Linked Resources: in general, linked resources are files located outside of the DVT project (like, for instance, the OVM library source files) so you might want the migration to skip them.

  3. Disable OVM Project: in case your project is configured with DVT as an OVM project, the wizard removes this configuration.

  4. Enable UVM Project: in case your project is not configured with DVT as an UVM project, the wizard adds this configuration.

  5. UVM Library Path: if you enable UVM, the UVM library is compiled up-front, and you must specify its location. You can may use system variables ($UVM_HOME in the snapshot below).

  6. Create UVM Linked Resource: for quick navigation in the library code, you may link (logical link, nothing is created on disk) the library files to your project. This way, although outside your project, the UVM sources will not be shown with gray icons and limited functionality.

  7. Name of the linked folder

At this step you can either click OK to finish or Preview to inspect the changes that are about to be made.