DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

30.2.2 Smart Log - Hyperlinks

Using the predefined filters enables you access to hyperlinks for files and also for some error codes of certain simulators. By clicking on a hyperlinked error code a dialog pops-up with the explanation of that error provided by the simulator help tool.

DVT supports verror for Questa and nchelp for IUS. You can customize the name of these tools by setting the following environment variables: DVT_VERROR_TOOL_NAME and DVT_NCHELP_TOOL_NAME

You can further customize this feature by creating your own regular expression for a custom hyperlink that launches a defined launch configuration. Use ${cmd:run_configuration:regular_expression} to define these custom hyperlinks in your filter pattern, where run_configuration is the name of the launch configuration that is going to be launched when clicking on the hyperlink and regular_expression is the regular expression whose matched result will be hyperlinked.

For example when running a launch configuration that outputs the location of a log file like this one:

in order to hyperlink the location of the file a pattern needs to be defined:

To summarize the content of the log file and display just the number of errors, warnings and infos in a new console:

the "Summarize_log" launch configuration is defined with the $DVT_HYPERLINK_COMMAND_CAPTURING_GROUP_0 environment variable

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