DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

40.17.19 Type Hierarchy View

The Type Hierarchy View presents the inheritance and the members of a class or interface class.

Place the editor cursor on a class name, right-click and select Show > Type Hierarchy or press F4.

Select a class in the inheritance tree to view its members.

Tip: To further inspect the Type Hierarchy or see Usages of a class, right-click in the inheritance tree.

Tip: Right-click on a function or task member to override it. More details here: Override_Functions

Tip: You can use CamelCase or Simple Regex to find a specific element.

Hierarchy Toolbar   
Show History List See the previously inspected types.
Prepend Package Name Prepend the enclosing package name to the name of each class.
Show Full Type Hierarchy For a class, shows the super-classes and sub-classes.

For an interface, shows the sub-classes and sub-interfaces (like Show Subtype Hierarchy).
Show Supertype Hierarchy For both classes and interfaces, shows the super-classes and super-interfaces, with the selected class or interface at the root of the tree (the tree is "upside-down").
Show Subtype Hierarchy For a class, shows the sub-classes.

For an interface, shows the sub-classes and sub-interfaces.

Members Toolbar   
Filters Select what members to show (functions, tasks, fields, events etc.)
Sort Members by Category Sort by category, otherwise alphabetically.
Show Only Public Members Hide local and protected members.
Show All Predefined Members Show predefined members like pre_randomize() even if not explicitly overridden.
Show All Inherited Members Show members inherited from super-classes and super-interfaces. Quick Type Hierarchy View

You can quickly inspect and jump to a specific parent or child in the hierarchy. Press Ctrl+T with the cursor positioned on the element name.

The Quick Type Hierarchy View will pop-up and present a filterable list with all of the selected element's hierarchy.

You can use CamelCase or Simple Regex to locate a specific element.

Select and press Enter or click to jump to the corresponding source location.

Tip: While the Quick Type Hierarchy View is open you can press Ctrl+T to switch between Full type and Supertype hierarchy.

For functions, you can also see the implementations along the hierarchy (icons are not grayed).