DVT SystemVerilog IDE User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

4.18 e Language SPECMAN_PATH

The SPECMAN_PATH environment variable is used by the e Language parser to find imported files. It comprises of a list of search directories, separated by the OS-specific path separator character (':' colon on Linux and ';' semicolon on Windows).

It can be defined or altered by using the +dvt_setenv+ directive.

When relative paths are provided, they are automatically transformed into paths relative to the compilation root directory. By default the compilation root is the project directory. For more details see Paths.


Action Linux Windows
Define/overwrite shell-inherited value+dvt_setenv+SPECMAN_PATH=/my/specman/path1:/my/specman/path1+dvt_setenv+SPECMAN_PATH=/my/specman/path1;/my/specman/path1
Append to shell-inherited value+dvt_setenv+SPECMAN_PATH=$SPECMAN_PATH:/my/specman/path+dvt_setenv+SPECMAN_PATH=$SPECMAN_PATH;/my/specman/path
Prepend to shell-inherited value+dvt_setenv+SPECMAN_PATH=/my/specman/path:$SPECMAN_PATH+dvt_setenv+SPECMAN_PATH=/my/specman/path;$SPECMAN_PATH
Append <project_root>/e directory to the SPECMAN_PATH+dvt_setenv+SPECMAN_PATH=$SPECMAN_PATH:e+dvt_setenv+SPECMAN_PATH=$SPECMAN_PATH;e

Backward-compatibility note: starting with DVT version 3.2, if a .build file is used to configure the project, the .edt_specman_path file is ignored.

Adding VIPs to $SPECMAN_PATH using sn_which.sh

You can specify a list of VIPs that should automatically be located by DVT using sn_which.sh and added to the $SPECMAN_PATH (if available in the console where DVT was started). The Specman version defines (e.g define SPECMAN_VERSION_###) are also detected using the same mechanism.

By default, the following VIPs are located and added automatically: evc_util, vr_ad, ovm_e, uvm_e