DVT IDE for VS Code SystemVerilog User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

Chapter 31. Database Out of Sync Notification

Sometimes after applying changes to your code/build configuration files, a special kind of notification will appear, that has an associated action. At the same time, a new entry in the Status Bar will be displayed and will remain there until the action mentioned in the notification (or a full build) is performed. Clicking on this entry will re-open the last notification of this kind. These notifications signal the fact that the DVT internal database is out of sync.

The actions associated with these notifications are the following:

  • Perform a full build. This kind of notification appears when you change the content of the active build configuration file, or a file included in the active build configuration file using '-f' or '-F' directives. It also appears when the last full build was canceled, when there are more than 50 files changed since the last full build or when you change a macro definition that is used in a significant number of files and the change cannot be handled incrementally.

  • Force an incremental build for one or more files. This kind of notification appears when you change a file that has more lines than dvt_incremental_compile_max_lines directive specifies (the default value is 15000). It also appears when a file parse timeout occurs.

  • Perform a full elaboration. This kind of notification appears when the most recent changes cannot be handled by an incremental elaboration.

Note: The fixing operation might be computationally intensive (a project rebuild, full elaboration can take a significant amount of time/memory).