DVT IDE for VS Code SystemVerilog User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

26.5 Diagnostics View

The Diagnostics View presents real-time information about the Language Server and the client, such as version, used memory, environment variables, etc..

To open the Diagnostics View, use the DVT: Focus on Diagnostics View command.

To copy the entire content of the view, use the DVT: Copy All Diagnostics command or the button from the view's toolbar.

To copy only a particular information from the view, right-click on an entry and select Copy.


  • A new session is started everytime you open the Diagnostics View, erasing the information gathered during the previous session.

  • Closing or collapsing the view will stop the current session and as a consequence, no further metrics will be gathered.

  • It is recommended to keep the view expanded only while trying to identify certain performance issues, and then to close / collapse it.