DVT IDE for VS Code SystemVerilog User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

Chapter 11. Show Call Hierarchy

The Call Hierarchy view presents the call tree of a function or task.

Place the editor cursor on the desired element and use the "Calls: Show Call Hierarchy" command.

The results are presented in the References View.

To see method calls in the selected function or task, use the "Calls: Show Incoming Calls" command.

To see method calls of the selected function or task, use the "Calls: Show Outgoing Calls" command.

You can also toggle between Call Hierarchy Strategies using the toolbar button or the context menu from the view.

The Call Hierarchy view is not automatically updated at incremental build. Use the Refresh toolbar button to recompute the view contents.

To remove a selected node from the tree, use the Dismiss option from the context menu.