DVT IDE for VS Code SystemVerilog User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

Chapter 40. What is New?

#.# - major version - Includes new features, major enhancements, architectural changes, bug fixes. 
Since 2015, a major version is named in sync with the release year, for example the first major version of 2015 is 15.1.
NOTE: When switching to a new major version it is recommended to start in a new workspace.

#.#.# - minor version - Includes bug fixes, minor enhancements.

24.1.12 (11 June 2024)


  • DVT-19984 Editor Notification: Suggest sending an Issue Report when incremental build takes longer than expected

  • DVT-20529 Added memory starvation handling mechanism for UVM Runtime Elaboration

  • DVT-20536 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Improve error handling for unimplemented import DPI-C function

  • DVT-20709 Thread Dump Collector: Log incremental build statistics in JSON format

  • DVT-20710 Thread Dump Collector: Overwrite incremental build thread dumps collected for the same compilation delta


  • DVT-20348 Precompilation support: "Go To Include" action does not properly work for files compiled using +dvt_init_xilinx or +dvt_init_altera directives

  • DVT-20387 Code Formatting: Disable code formatting in PVerilog preprocessed code sections

  • DVT-20495 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Support DPI-C method names colliding libc defined functions

  • DVT-20608 UVM Runtime Elaboration: $fatal() messages are not printed to the console

  • DVT-20625 Code Formatting: Wrong indentation of `else following particular constructs

  • DVT-20634 Code Formatting: Disable formatting between encrypted code pragmas

  • DVT-20643 Code Formatting: Do no indent single-line comments within multi-line macro definitions

  • DVT-20671 Precompilation support: False "out of sync" editor notification can sometimes be triggered

  • DVT-20672 Precompilation support: False "DUPLICATE_FUNCTION" warning for functions declared via macro calls in files compiled both in save and load

  • DVT-20684 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Tracepoints do not work in specific scenarios

  • DVT-20711 Precompilation support: Sometimes the value is not computed for parameters declared directly under packages

  • DVT-20712 Precompilation support: Sometimes the value is not computed for enums declared directly under packages

  • DVT-20728 Thread Dump Collector: Writing thread dumps can cause UI freezes in specific scenarios

  • DVT-20731 Precompilation support: Sometimes the value is not computed for parameters declared directly under libraries

  • DVT-20744 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Add support for svGetUserData / svPutUserData DPI-C standard functions

24.1.11 (29 May 2024)


  • DVT-20624 Change site URL from dvteclipse.com to eda.amiq.com


  • vscode-1421 Ability to "Copy" from Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy / Compile Order using the context menu

  • vscode-1542 Ability to customize the filename and target directory when using "Create non-existing class / interface" quick fix

  • vscode-1578 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Prompt to stop the elaboration in progress when triggering a full build

  • vscode-1579 Ability to start a new full build from the pop-up notification when another full build or restore is in progress

  • DVT-16954 Thread Dump Collector: Ability to profile a file during parsing

  • DVT-20315 Thread Dump Collector: Ability to generate thread dumps for files in build report tops

  • DVT-20581 Update WaveDrom package to v3.5.0

  • DVT-20606 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Improved look and feel for Variables View icons and labels

  • DVT-20632 Demote 'const' followed by 'rand' qualifier for class properties to non-standard warning

  • DVT-20639 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Improved debuggability and accuracy


  • vscode-1558 Consecutive file saves result in wrong highlighting when DVT.build.cancelOngoingIncrementalBuild is enabled

  • vscode-1565 Problems View is not updated correctly after consecutive file saves when DVT.build.cancelOngoingIncrementalBuild is enabled

  • vscode-1566 Sometimes files opened by DVT commands are not focused automatically

  • vscode-1575 Language Server fails to start on Windows 11

  • vscode-1580 Adding or skiping files from compilation using Explorer context menu does not work on Windows

  • DVT-19245 Disable Memory Monitor when using custom settings affecting the JVM garbage collection

  • DVT-20314 Inactive code highlight does not work for `ifdef ... `endif blocks placed on the same line in specific scenarios

  • DVT-20486 Code Formatting: Wrong indentation of multi-line assignments within open parenthesis

  • DVT-20497 Quick Fix: 'Declare field' inserts fully qualified name for parameterized types declared in other packages even if the type was already imported

  • DVT-20548 Assignment pattern with replication not evaluated for base type 'real'

  • DVT-20558 ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error disappears at incremental for function call inside compilation unit class scope

  • DVT-20622 Fixed StackOverflowException thrown in long chains of if ... else if constructs in specific scenarios

  • DVT-20627 Cannot evaluate assignments when left-hand side is a streaming concatenation

24.1.10 (14 May 2024)


  • vscode-1320 & vscode-1407 New version of dvt_ls.sh and dvt_code.sh using native binary instead of script


  • DVT-17633 Code Formatting: Add vertical alignment patterns that group types and names of different entity declarations with dimensions

  • DVT-20292 Code Formatting: Do not vertically align comments following keywords delimiting code blocks

  • DVT-20479 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Hyperlink GCC errors/warnings/notes shown in the console

  • DVT-20522 Conditions for if/else if statements should be displayed in reverse order in Types and Outline views

  • DVT-20530 Improve display string for range specification in error messages


  • vscode-1550 Extract to method doesn't work properly in files modified after full build

  • vscode-1552 'files.refactoring.autoSave' preference is not taken into account after applying refactoring operations with quick pick

  • vscode-1559 'Add argument' refactoring doesn't insert whitespace after escaped identifiers

  • DVT-20199 Precompilation support: UVM objects not shown in Verification Hierarchy View if the left-hand side of the create call involves a hierarchical access

  • DVT-20251 StackOverflowException thrown in long chains of if ... else if constructs

  • DVT-20355 Memory Monitor: Problems wrongly reported in specific scenarios when the JVM -Xmx and -Xms argument values are different

  • DVT-20443 Incremental build broken in a -y library file with `ifndef guards

  • DVT-20474 UVM Runtime Elaboration: DPI-C stubs not generated properly for packed structs

  • DVT-20480 UVM Runtime Elaboration: DPI-C stubs not generated properly for type aliases

  • DVT-20482 Predefined 'this' is incorrectly resolved when its class scope contains inner types with same name

  • DVT-20483 UVM Runtime Elaboration: DPI-C Stubs not generated properly for struct fields which are referred via typedef aliases

  • DVT-20493 Package constant may not be evaluated when import declarations are present in the compilation unit scope

  • DVT-20499 Implement Missing Pure Virtual Methods Quick Fix: Method type parameters are omitted from method implementation

  • DVT-20501 Implement Missing Pure Virtual Methods Quick Fix: Method return type should not be qualified when scope is already imported

  • DVT-20504 No width mismatch warning triggered when the left-hand side of the assignment is a function implicit variable

  • DVT-20506 Change Method Signature: Adding and removing arguments removes trailing whitespace from the first argument

  • DVT-20509 Hyperlink not working for VHDL nested generate block referenced in Verilog hierarchical identifier

  • DVT-20514 Build Config: Do not trigger error for -xlrm module_xmr directive

  • DVT-20515 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error at incremental for imported name when file is compiled multiple times

  • DVT-20518 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Static initialization of constants and enums fails in specific scenarios

  • DVT-20519 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Fails for cross-library enum value references

  • DVT-20528 Build config: +dvt_set_directive_nof_args directive does not work for variadic arguments

24.1.8 (24 April 2024)


  • vscode-1512 The information displayed in the " dvt Build" output differs from the one displayed in the DVT Eclipse build console when canceling full build


  • DVT-20282 Code Formatting: Add option to compact whitespace groups only for vertical-align patterns


  • vscode-1504 Add support for linked edits in refactoring operations and quick fixes

  • vscode-1533 Display pop-up messages when timeouts occur during specific build phases

  • DVT-20272 Build Report: Collect top files by compilation speed

  • DVT-20360 Remove NON_STANDARD warning for $stacktrace system call

  • DVT-20368 Build Report: Collect top -v files by compile time

  • DVT-20439 Evaluate 'for' loop statement with missing initialization, condition or step


  • vscode-1362 Cursor jumps to the wrong position after applying refactoring operations

  • vscode-1386 Diagnostics View is not updated if view was visible while restarting the Language Server

  • vscode-1501 Applying the 'Create Included File' quick fix does not clear the fixed problem

  • vscode-1515 "Create non-existing class / interface" quick fix adds wrong `include statement

  • vscode-1531 Sometimes errors from build configuration file are not displayed in Problems View when using autoconfig

  • vscode-1538 Compilation-related timeout directives are not taken into account

  • vscode-1540 Report an Issue gets stuck in "Collecting data..." until the Language Server is no longer actively processing requests

  • vscode-1541 "Go to definition" does not work in some build configuration files

  • vscode-1545 Project compilation database is incorrectly saved when the active build configuration is not the default

  • DVT-9948 'Jump to case branch' hyperlink does not work across files

  • DVT-15926 In specific scenarios, implicit signals are not declared in generate loops

  • DVT-19606 PVerilog: `include from the beginning of a preprocessing region should not compile the specified file

  • DVT-20271 False SELECT_NOT_ALLOWED errors for VHDL arrays used in SystemVerilog code for mixed-language projects

  • DVT-20338 Code Formatting: Wrong indentation of multi-line statements within a cross construct

  • DVT-20349 Parse time displayed in build console is not always correct

  • DVT-20373 PVerilog: Improper parsing when encountering `endif without `ifdef in a preprocessing region

  • DVT-20374 False NON_EXISTING_TYPE error for interface type declaration when the interface port is of type modport

  • DVT-20386 False errors reported when calling a constructor with the "::" static access modifier

  • DVT-20390 In some cases, the default value of a parameter is not evaluated when the same module is instantiated both in Verilog and VHDL

  • DVT-20393 PVerilog: Improper parsing when a preprocessing region starts with a macro

  • DVT-20425 Do not declare implicit signal for left-hand side of cast operation

  • DVT-20433 False MULTIPLE_VARIABLE_ASSIGNMENTS error in module compiled multiple times that contains a named always block

  • DVT-20434 Code Formatting: "Do not indent multi-line content of assigns" does not work if the assign contains an `ifdef ... `else ... `endif block

  • DVT-20441 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error when accessing record array member in a hierarchical name

24.1.7 (9 April 2024)


  • vscode-1527 Rename the "DVT.typeHierarchyView.prependPackageName" setting to "DVT.typeHierarchy.prependPackageName"

  • vscode-1528 Rename the "DVT.systemVerilog.registersValuesRadix" setting to "DVT.registers.addressRadix"


  • vscode-1268 Ability to generate and open a build report by using "Open Build Report" command


  • vscode-1451 Use a tree structure for the preferences UI

  • vscode-1497 Ability to navigate to previous steps in Code Actions quick picks

  • vscode-1519 Report an Issue: Include the dvt_build.log file

  • vscode-1520 Ability to open the build log file by using "Open Build Log" command

  • vscode-1521 Ability to focus the " dvt Build" output by using "Open Build Output" command

  • DVT-20352 Elaboration support for evaluating sub-instance hierarchical identifiers used in parameter value expressions


  • vscode-686 Wrong indentation when using Override Methods

  • vscode-1364 Remove and reorder argument refactorings should not be available outside the method signature context

  • vscode-1518 Refactoring: "Current directory" option can't be customized anymore after cancelling the file system browsing when using "Move selection to new file..."

  • vscode-1526 Memory Monitor: Linting pop-up notification is still displayed after memory error is thrown during build

  • vscode-1534 Language server metadata should be logged to the DVT Client console only when the state changes

  • DVT-17652 Print build configuration errors in the build console

  • DVT-19821 Code Formatting: `endif should be aligned with its corresponding `ifdef

  • DVT-20197 Compile Order View: Wrong label for files which are both precompiled and shallow compiled

  • DVT-20222 Code Formatting: wait() not followed by a semi-colon breaks formatting

  • DVT-20250 Precompilation support: "Go to Include" action does not properly work

  • DVT-20253 Parsing breaks when triggering an incremental compilation inside a file that contains `include for type parameter assignment

  • DVT-20255 Code Formatting: All vertical align patterns should align packed/unpacked dimensions the same way

  • DVT-20291 Code Formatting: "By Name Port Connections" should not vertically align multiple port connections per line

  • DVT-20295 Compile Waivers: Wrong path separator when displaying file paths in the "Create Waiver" dialog on Windows

  • DVT-20297 False error reported at incremental build for included files inside module port connections and parameter assignments

  • DVT-20298 Encrypted code auto-close: Not working when class is defined before typedef in different included files

  • DVT-20302 Print parsing time in the build log/console

  • DVT-20304 Print information related to the skipped -y / -v libraries in the build log/console

  • DVT-20312 False syntax error thrown on macro call whose expansion is a timescale unit

  • DVT-20350 PVerilog: Preprocessing regions are not identified properly in particular scenarios

  • DVT-20358 False semantic errors caused by a type alias whose value involves a parameter hierarchical access to another inherited parameter

  • DVT-20359 False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT semantic error when the interface instance and virtual interface argument refer to interfaces in different libraries

  • DVT-20380 False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error when an operand is a typedef of an unpacked array and the other is the same unpacked array with the same signing

24.1.6 (27 March 2024)


  • DVT-20212 Speed-up incremental build in modules with package imports

  • DVT-20258 Speed-up incremental compilation when changing files with multiple definitions of the same macro

  • DVT-20261 PVerilog: Speed-up mapping computation time in specific scenarios


  • vscode-1514 Rename "DVT.textEditor.systemVerilog.highlight.<dark/white>ThemeColor" setting to "DVT.textEditor.systemVerilog.highlight.inactiveCode<Dark/White>ThemeColor"


  • DVT-19953 Compile Waivers: Relative paths should not start with a slash character in the Create Waiver dialog drop-down

  • DVT-20256 License: Improved license management when encountering connectivity issues


  • vscode-1477 Disabling the highlight of inactive code or generate branches does not reset the background color

  • vscode-1481 & vscode-1156 Compile Waivers: Files specified in the build configuration should have higher precedence than the project level compile waivers file

  • vscode-1485 Hyperlinks to included files do not work in macro calls

  • DVT-16545 False errors reported after usages of macros containing unmatched `ifdef ... `endif pairs

  • DVT-19072 Build auto-config: Timeout does not work in specific scenarios

  • DVT-19942 Code Formatting: Alignment issue of "By Name Port Connections" vertical align pattern for the last port connection

  • DVT-20157 PVerilog: Mapping a file using +dvt_pverilog_comment_map+ and compiling it multiple times should take the mapping into account each time

  • DVT-20205 Code Formatting: Wrong indentation of expression contained in a "with" clause

  • DVT-20206 Code Formatting: Wrong vertical alignment for class variables of a type with macro parameters

  • DVT-20211 Compile Waivers: Ignore duplicate usages of the same waivers file in the build configuration

  • DVT-20243 PVerilog: `ifdef without `endif in a preprocessing region causes improper parsing

  • DVT-20280 False syntax errors after incremental build in a file with a include found before module port list

  • DVT-20289 False syntax errors after incremental build in a file with a include found inside constraint body

  • DVT-20301 Wrong line and filename when reporting ARRAY_DIMENSION_OVERFLOW error during UVM elaboration

24.1.5 (13 March 2024)


  • vscode-1500 Speed-up computation of file decorators while loading a precompiled database

  • vscode-1505 High CPU usage persists for the Language Server process even in idle scenarios

  • DVT-20203 Improve compile time for modules with many generate blocks


  • vscode-1438 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Remove the prompt for switching to the Debug Activity when detecting active breakpoints in favor of "debug.openDebug" preference


  • vscode-1269 Ability to collect project statistics


  • DVT-20184 Check unary operators "+" and "-" even when the width mismatch check is filtered

  • DVT-20237 Improved non-blocking incremental build after changing the definition of a macro


  • vscode-1507 Debug information related to incremental compilation is not displayed in the " dvt Server" console

  • DVT-20043 No ILLEGAL_CUNIT_REFERENCE errors triggered for global scope classes in non-top files

  • DVT-20113 PVerilog: +dvt_pverilog_comment_map triggers console exceptions when a compiled file is empty or contains only comments

  • DVT-20117 False syntax errors reported at incremental build for a chain of included files without comma in module parameter list

  • DVT-20156 Code Formatting: Wrong indentation of comments preceding some closing keywords

  • DVT-20173 False VIRTUAL_CLASS_INSTANTIATION error for array variable whose type is an inherited class parameter with virtual class default value

  • DVT-20185 Code Formatting: "Add new line after end" does not work if the line that starts with "end" ends with a comment

  • DVT-20186 Code Formatting: Wrong indentation of labeled coverpoint bins

  • DVT-20201 Code Formatting: Do not indent the "@formatter:on" pragma

  • DVT-20202 Code Formatting: Vertical align pattern for `xvm_field macros does not work if the macro is followed by a semi-colon

  • DVT-20218 Do not trigger error for missing arguments of build config defined system functions

24.1.4 (28 February 2024)


  • vscode-1487 Speed-up opening source files

  • vscode-1488 Cancel does not work during build configuration analysis phase

  • DVT-20107 Speed-up full build in projects with many extern functions without an implementation


  • DVT-20073 License: Replaced the license events database with a capped human readable log


  • vscode-1355 Speed-up incremental build for operations that modify multiple files

  • vscode-1473 Add timestamp for messages logged in the " dvt Trace Debug Adapter" console

  • vscode-1491 "Saving dictionary..." and "Dictionary saved." messages are wrongly displayed in the console when restore mechanism is not activated

  • DVT-19976 Support for predefined `include "disciplines.h"

  • DVT-19987 PVerilog: New "Getting Started" predefined project based on jinja2

  • DVT-20022 Add non-standard support for .* port connection used with empty port


  • vscode-1482 Saving a dirty file cancels the ongoing incremental build without triggering a new one

  • vscode-1492 Unable to show factory overrides from Verification Hierarchy View context menu

  • vscode-1493 "Open a DVT Predefined Project..." command on Windows does not list any project

  • vscode-1494 Prevent start-up errors caused by corrupted internal workspace database

  • DVT-13947 Errors not cleared for typedef usages from function parameters and variables declared in global scope when changing its name

  • DVT-18176 Build auto-config: In specific scenarios file paths get truncated

  • DVT-19952 Compile Waivers: No hyperlink for compile waivers files specified in the build configuration using relative paths

  • DVT-19961 False DUPLICATE_NAMED_BLOCK error for nested block inside anonymous sequential block

  • DVT-19975 Do not trigger ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error for user-defined nettype assigned to a bit vector value in some cases

  • DVT-20001 Refactoring Connect: Signal declaration is incorrectly inserted when the enclosing module contains preprocessing directives

  • DVT-20011 The tooltip shown when hovering a class type alias incorrectly shows the class field as "values"

  • DVT-20046 & DVT-20152 PVerilog: False compilation errors are reported after deleting code containing a preprocessing section boundary

  • DVT-20072 Precompilation support: +dvt_prepend_init sections do not work properly if specified both in save and load configurations

  • DVT-20076 Encrypted code auto-API: Wrong ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT errors for default array iterator in predefined array methods

  • DVT-20081 Incorrect evaluation of type alias involving an access to an inner specialized class

  • DVT-20097 PVerilog: False compilation errors are reported when there is a single word preprocessing region on the last line of the file

  • DVT-20105 False UNDEFINED_OPERATOR errors for type aliases that resolve to multidimensional unpacked arrays with base types having sign specifiers

  • DVT-20106 Compile Waivers: Specifying compile waivers files using undefined environment variables breaks build configuration parsing

  • DVT-20127 PVerilog: Using Linux line separators in Windows breaks the preprocessed code section mapping

  • DVT-20129 Changes to class fields referenced in global scope methods are not handled incrementally

  • DVT-20132 UVM Runtime Elaboration: Inferred constructor with additional arguments other than the ones from super constructor registers the component under uvm_root

  • DVT-20137 Show Usages: Calls to $value$plusargs are not marked as writers of variables bound to its output argument

  • DVT-20147 Code Formatting: Apply "Indent and increase indentation level - except first" preference to all first-level open preprocessing directives

  • DVT-20151 Code Formatting: Non-default vertical align tokens are aligned within macro definitions

24.1.3 (13 February 2024)


  • DVT-19886 Code Formatting: Add preference to skip indentation of multi-line macro definitions


  • vscode-1166 Add new dvt_code.sh argument to find version of Language Server

  • vscode-1403 Add dvt_build.sh script to extension

  • vscode-1446 Add hyperlinks to " dvt Build" and "Debug Console"

  • vscode-1456 Select Verification Top: Improved UI when displaying multiple tests with the same name

  • vscode-1470 Updated the GLIBC and GLIBCXX start-up check to include VS Code 1.86 requirements

  • DVT-19032 License: Show client information (pid, user, host, hostid) in the log header

  • DVT-19042 Trigger error for default values of ref/output/inout method arguments similarly to errors triggered for actual values

  • DVT-19753 Automatically generate thread dumps when incremental build takes longer than expected

  • DVT-19817 Report an Issue: Ability to select/deselect all attachments

  • DVT-19904 Quartus auto-config: Add support for QSYS_FILE option

  • DVT-19937 Add non-standard support for assignment of empty_queue and unpacked assignment pattern to string type

  • DVT-19945 Code Formatting: Improve indentation for multi-line expressions

  • DVT-19963 Encrypted code auto-API: Inhibit the errors in accesses on auto defined elements

  • DVT-19981 Improve +dvt_init_from_simlog handling of quoted +define directives when working with xrun logs

  • DVT-20063 Trigger ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error for incorrect expression connected to output and inout arguments


  • vscode-1277 & vscode-1450 Cancel does not work during specific build phases

  • vscode-1392 Report an Issue: Should include DVT LS version

  • vscode-1455 Wrong tooltips for chain overrides

  • vscode-1457 PVerilog: After full build, g files are always set as readonly, regardless of the dedicated preference

  • vscode-1462 PVerilog: Specific features cannot be used for files with unusual SystemVerilog extensions

  • vscode-1463 Wrong file associations displayed in UI when using +dvt_ext_map directives

  • vscode-1467 Cancel does not work during restore

  • vscode-1472 UVM Sequence Tree is wrongly computed when triggered from a sequence usage

  • vscode-1478 Obsolete Language Server log files are not always deleted

  • vscode-1483 Launching multiple distro VSCodium instances with different DVT versions results in opening the same version as the first one

  • DVT-18685 Code Formatting: Wrong indentation of comments preceding a closing keyword

  • DVT-18729 Build config: Environment variables are not replaced for arguments of +dvt_db_location

  • DVT-19820 Code Formatting: Vertical alignment should not be performed within macro definitions

  • DVT-19857 Build config: -makelib directives are not handled properly inside +dvt_init_from_simlog

  • DVT-19862 Build config: Substitutions specified using +dvt_simlog_replace are erroneously performed multiple times

  • DVT-19931 Precompilation support: Do not allow refactor operations in precompiled files

  • DVT-19997 Hyperlink: Open Aliased Type for type parameters should place the cursor on the type definition

  • DVT-20007 Encrypted code auto-API: Infer field type from array assignment

  • DVT-20008 Encrypted code auto-API: Not working when auto defined field is assigned to itself

  • DVT-20009 Encrypted code auto-API: Not working inside classes used through aliases when the enclosing package also contains encrypted code

  • DVT-20040 Precompilation support: Semantic errors in global scope classes are missing from the preocompiled database

  • DVT-20047 Regular expressions printed to the build console by +dvt_init_from_simlog should be quoted

  • DVT-20054 License: In specific scenarios, connectivity issues are not detected immediatly

  • DVT-20055 License: In specific scenarios, license server response delays can cause UI slowness

24.1.2 (1 February 2024)


  • vscode-1291 Add description for problem matchers snippets

  • vscode-1322 Status Bar indicator displaying that Language Server is actively processing requests should mention the request ID in tooltip

  • vscode-1425 Wrong arguments displayed in UI when selecting a snapshot in the "Select Verification Top" webview

  • vscode-1431 "Select Design Hierarchy Top" command is not available when the Design Hierarchy View is not visible

  • vscode-1435 Code Formatting: Add preference for formatting lines threshold

  • vscode-1440 Add preference for enabling/disabling the " dvt Debug Trace Adapter" console

  • vscode-1448 Display a loading screen to indicate that Verification Hierarchy top candidates are being computed


  • vscode-1303 Workspace Symbols: Sometimes filtering elements results in "No matching workspace symbols" although there are matching elements

  • vscode-1436 Sometimes endgenerate keywords are not highlighted properly

  • vscode-1452 Wrong message displayed in the Debug Console when the verification top was overridden using +UVM_TESTNAME

  • vscode-1454 Code actions requiring user input have no effect when selected with the mouse in VS Code versions >= 1.83

  • DVT-16884 False syntax errors reported at incremental build in files including fragments (ports, parameters)

  • DVT-19818 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error for access on a variable whose type implies a parameter hierarchical access

  • DVT-19899 Encrypted code auto-close: Not working in specific scenarios involving included files

  • DVT-19944 PVerilog: Sometimes +dvt_pverilog_comment_map is broken when the comment referring the p file is followed by other comments

  • DVT-19958 Encrypted code auto-API: Not working when auto defined element is used in push_back list method

  • DVT-19974 No matches reported in symbolic link files when searching for macro usages

  • DVT-19998 False NON_EXISTING_TYPE error for access on type alias whose value implies a parameter hierarchical access

24.1.1 (18 January 2024)

Starting with the 24.1.1 major release our products are no longer compatible with old FlexLM license servers (<11.19).


Note: Some of the highlights below were rolled-out in 23.#.# releases for early adopters.


  • DVT-19867 License: Removed support for FlexLM tools and dvtlmd daemon versions <11.19

  • DVT-19907 Remove support for +dvt_disable_expr_eval directive


  • vscode-1307 New Registers View

  • vscode-1308 New Config DB View

  • vscode-1309 New Factory Overrides View

  • vscode-1315 Ability to show a register in the Registers View

  • vscode-1316 Ability to show a factory override call in the Factory Overrides View

  • vscode-1317 Ability to show a uvm_config_db set/get call in Config DB View

  • vscode-1318 Ability to show associated getters/setter in Config DB View

  • vscode-1324 & DVT-18398 Ability to perform and debug UVM Runtime Elaboration

  • vscode-1369 Ability to show factory overrides from Verification Hierarchy View context menu

  • vscode-1442 Debugger: Ability to set tracepoints

  • vscode-1443 Ability to load an existing UVM runtime elaboration


  • vscode-1314 Add new editor annotation for create calls affected by factory overrides

  • vscode-1389 New verification top selection flow allowing UVM runtime elaboration

  • vscode-1428 PVerilog: Ability to navigate to the associated generated code for each embedded preprocessing section using CodeLens

  • vscode-1429 PVerilog: Ability to see and navigate to the associated generated code for each embedded preprocessing section using Go To / Peek Declaration

  • vscode-1444 Take into account factory overrides when constructing the Verification Hierarchy View and Breadcrumb

  • vscode-1445 UVM Component Diagrams: Improve design representation to include interface instances

  • DVT-17984 Support for setting a package as elaboration top

  • DVT-19029 Shallow Compile: Add exclusion support to the +dvt_shallow_compile directive

  • DVT-19393 Bitfield Diagrams: Ability to generate a diagram from a type parameter which solves to a packed struct

  • DVT-19394 Ability to navigate directly to the declaration of the type to which a type parameter is solved

  • DVT-19452 PVerilog: Added support for comment mapping in the advanced functionality in preprocessing files mode

  • DVT-19553 PVerilog: Ability to use +dvt_pverilog_run_on_save+ directive in the advanced functionality in preprocessing files mode

  • DVT-19684 Disable incremental compilation timeouts when non-blocking incremental build is enabled

  • DVT-19753 Automatically generate thread dumps when incremental build takes longer than expected and non-blocking incremental build is enabled

  • DVT-19888 PVerilog: Dedicated background highlight for generated code regions

  • DVT-19889 PVerilog: Ability to navigate from the preprocessing file to the generated file using the editor context menu

  • DVT-19891 PVerilog: Ability to inhibit editing in files containing generated code

  • DVT-19909 Non-blocking incremental build is enabled by default

  • DVT-19915 PVerilog: Enable by default the advanced functionality in preprocessing files mode

  • DVT-19925 Do not trigger width mismatch warning in unelaborated code


  • vscode-1422 Validation of DVT.license.source setting rejects new lines in multi-line string with the license contents

  • vscode-1424 "Select Verification Hierarchy Top" command is not available when the Verification Hierarchy View is not visible

  • DVT-19485 Precompilation Support: False "No source files were compiled" warning when no files are compiled in addition to the loaded database

  • DVT-19733 Design Breadcrumb: Sometimes navigation bar is not available in included fragment files

  • DVT-19833 Precompilation Support: Saving the database fails if any of its files is larger than 2GB

  • DVT-19836 Shallow Compilation: A file is entirely shallow compiled even if only function or module shallow compilation was requested

  • DVT-19911 Precompilation Support: False errors triggered on parameter assignments

  • DVT-19912 Precompilation Support: TLM port connections to uvm_tlm_analysis_fifo are not displayed in UVM Component Diagrams

23.2.30 (21 December 2023)


  • vscode-1414 Files created using refactoring operations / quick fixes are not focused automatically

23.2.29 (13 December 2023)


  • DVT-19811 Speed-up incremental build when modifying enums, structs or unions


  • vscode-808 Ability to save and restore the project compilation database


  • vscode-1387 Allow file edits in precompiled files if the active build configuration is used for saving

  • DVT-18887 Code Formatting: Ability to place each parameter on a new line only if the number of parameters exceeds a certain value


  • vscode-1230 When connecting to a standalone Language Server show all pop-up notifications issued before connecting

  • vscode-1390 Incorrect environment variables expansion on Windows

  • DVT-18702 Build config: -L shared library search dir should only be interpreted in dvt.gcc and xcelium.xrun compatibility modes

  • DVT-19423 Code Formatting: When more parameters per line is set, code gets merged with susequent single line comment in specific scenarios

  • DVT-19424 Code Formatting: When more parameters per line is set, maximum line width is exceeded in specific scenarios

  • DVT-19774 Compile Order View: Preserve build configuration order for argument files and +dvt_init invocations

  • DVT-19777 Incorrect default nettype for -y compiled module

  • DVT-19794 PVerilog: Mapped g files included inside a generated code section cause improper parsing

  • DVT-19800 PVerilog: Semantic Highlight and Breadcrumb Navigation Bars are not properly updated when using +dvt_pverilog_compile_preproc without any file mapping performed

  • DVT-19802 Code Formatting: Wrong vertical alignment for arguments of parameterized type in method declarations

  • DVT-19803 Full build might fail in specific scenarios due to NullPointerException thrown while loading a precompiled database

23.2.28 (28 November 2023)


  • DVT-19731 Optimized incremental build for projects that encapsulate the testbench in programs/modules



  • vscode-1365 Workspace Symbols: Add new query for displaying only types

  • vscode-1371 Ability to reference environment variables inside the DVT.environment.variables preference


  • vscode-1356 Sometimes BadLocationException is thrown when document symbols are computed

  • vscode-1382 Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy / Compile Order entry icons are not rendered on Windows

  • DVT-19669 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error for generate block variable defined inside included file

  • DVT-19720 Support for parsing non printable whitespace character 0xA0

  • DVT-19755 Quartus auto-config: qip files located outside project directory are not handled correctly

  • DVT-19756 False WIDTH_MISMATCH warning when operand is foreach loop variable of type parameter array

  • DVT-19759 The same function evaluation may have inconsistent results for instance parameters elaborated in parallel

  • DVT-19761 Quartus auto-config: Disable file sorting in the generated build configuration

23.2.27 (17 November 2023)


  • vscode-1370 Language Servers View shows incorrect server status

23.2.26 (14 November 2023)


  • vscode-1328 Ability to cancel ongoing incremental builds when a new one is triggered

  • vscode-1330 Do not perform incremental compilation for unchanged touched files

  • DVT-19549 & DVT-19543 Show Usages: improve performance when searching for design elements defined inside library scope

  • DVT-19681 +dvt_skip_compile does not work for -y libdirs in specific scenarios

  • DVT-19685 Improve performance of incremental compilation when changing files with many `include statements


  • vscode-1294 Rename "Rebuild" command to "Build"


  • DVT-4730 New Compile Order view mode presenting the argument file inclusion tree and +dvt_init invocations


  • vscode-1332 Export DVT_CODE_SH and DVT_LS_SH environment variables in the integrated terminal

  • vscode-1354 Quartus auto-config: Ability to automatically configure compilation starting from an existing Intel Quartus project

  • vscode-1361 Improve UX for "Change Position of Method Argument" refactoring

  • DVT-8420 Compile Waivers: Ability to select the waiver file when creating a new waiver from a problem

  • DVT-18305 & DVT-11641 Ability to specify compilation waiver files in the build configuration

  • DVT-19411 Check width mismatch for array reduction method call when with clause is specified

  • DVT-19433 PVerilog: Added support for extension mapping in the advanced functionality in preprocessing files mode

  • DVT-19467 PVerilog: Added support for pattern tag mapping in the advanced functionality in preprocessing files mode

  • DVT-19601 PVerilog: Report mappings in Build Console

  • DVT-19625 Quartus auto-config: Automatically locate the Quartus .qip files required for compilation of binary .ip files

  • DVT-19641 Quartus auto-config: Improve debugging capabilities

  • DVT-19713 Improve adaptive incremental elaboration when many designs are changed


  • vscode-1290 Language Server is not starting when project path points to a drive root

  • vscode-1323 Environment variables used in DVT.languageServer.launchCommand are expanded before running the command

  • vscode-1325 "Detected a non-DVT Language Mode association for the current file." warning is sometimes wrongly triggered

  • vscode-1336 Extension does not activate on OpenVSCode Server

  • vscode-1338 Sometimes images from Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy / Compile Order are not rendered

  • vscode-1360 Selection is not taken into account in "Change Position of Method Argument" quick pick

  • DVT-16548 Comments are not collected for covergroups with arguments

  • DVT-19293 Search for references: Potential matches in inactive code are not reported when file contains `include statements

  • DVT-19448 Encrypted code auto-API: Does not work in scopes which are auto-closed

  • DVT-19451 Encrypted code auto-API: Wrongly infers queue instead of associative array

  • DVT-19624 Quartus auto-config: Quartus Prime Pro 23.2 .qip format not recognized

  • DVT-19643 Encrypted code auto-API: False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error when auto defining function return type

  • DVT-19644 Encrypted code auto-API: False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT when auto defining function parameters whose class types have a common base class

  • DVT-19645 Encrypted code auto-API: False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error when auto defining fields used in function calls

  • DVT-19646 Encrypted code auto-API: False ILLEGAL_NON_STATIC_ACCESS error when auto defining non static fields/methods used in static accesses

  • DVT-19647 Encrypted code auto-API: false UNDEFINED_OPERATOR error when auto defining queues instead of array

  • DVT-19682 False ILLEGAL_VARIABLE_ASSIGNMENTS error at incremental inside module compiled multiple times that contains anonymous always construct

23.2.25 (1 November 2023)


  • vscode-1292 Skip already scheduled incremental builds after saving files when a full build operation is triggered


  • vscode-1232 Increased VS Code minimum required version to 1.81.1


  • vscode-1281 New change method signature refactoring


  • vscode-1233 Automatically generate a thread dump when request processing takes longer than a threshold

  • vscode-1305 Ability to ignore specific conflicting extensions during startup check

  • vscode-1331 Updated VSCodium to 1.81.1 in DVT distros


  • vscode-1270 Refactoring operations affecting multiple files display a floating notification for each modified file

  • vscode-1334 Extension does not activate on code-server

  • DVT-19596 PVerilog: Sometimes multiple changes in preprocessing files can't be handled incrementally

  • DVT-19609 PVerilog: Trigger error when specifying arguments for +dvt_pverilog_compile_preproc+ directive

23.2.24 (17 October 2023)


  • DVT-19545 Speed-up incremental build in files containing many macro calls


  • vscode-770 New Preprocessed Files Support providing advanced functionalities in preprocessing files


  • vscode-1282 Ability to restart the Language Server


  • vscode-1274 Deactivate check for VS Code started using VSCode/code instead of VSCode/bin/code on Windows

  • DVT-17598 False WIDTH_MISMATCH warning for $sampled and $past function call operands

  • DVT-19416 Code Formatting: Wrong indentation of label when associated "begin" is moved on the same line

  • DVT-19530 False syntax error for variable type port declaration with unpacked dimension and implicit data type

  • DVT-19551 Missing STATIC_INITIALIZATION warning for function variable declared inside an included file in some cases

  • DVT-19577 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error for mixed-language hierarchical access of an instance due to VHDL configuration being ignored

  • DVT-19582 Prevent memory leaks when closing diagrams

  • DVT-19587 Diagram timeout message might not be shown in certain conditions

23.2.23 (9 October 2023)


  • Default license server requirements changed to FlexLM tools and dvtlmd daemon >=11.19


  • DVT-19560 License: Default license server requirements changed to FlexLM tools and dvtlmd daemon >=11.19


  • vscode-1255 Extend background highlight to the entire line for inactive code or inactive generate branches

  • DVT-18888 & DVT-18683 Add non-standard support for non-constant concatenation multiplier in some contexts

  • DVT-19399 Build config: Add support for +dvt_directory_substitute

  • DVT-19508 Build config: Add support for hash character escaping in macro definitions


  • vscode-1219 Compile Order View: View label should take into account the search box input after rebuild

  • vscode-1279 Fix scrolling issue for WaveDrom Diagrams

  • DVT-9322 False syntax errors reported at incremental build in an included file with just the contents of a covergroup or function

  • DVT-18820 UVM Runtime Elaboration: DPI-C import function should trigger error when returning struct data type

  • DVT-19449 Encrypted code auto-API: Not working in if clauses with !condition

  • DVT-19453 Encrypted code auto-API: Not working for method whose return type is assigned to two-dimension variable

  • DVT-19454 Encrypted code auto-API: Not working for constructors when there is already a constructor defined by user

  • DVT-19525 Module declaration error recovery not working in some cases

23.1.22 (22 September 2023)


  • vscode-699 Refine icons used in Outline View and Content Assist proposals

  • vscode-1223 Ability to specify the Language Server ports when using dvt_ls script

  • vscode-1228 Rename Refactoring: Add preference to set default behaviour when encountering conflictual cases

  • vscode-1246 Bit Field Diagrams: Fix table layout for large diagrams

  • vscode-1250 Show notification when opening a DVT supported file with a language provided by a different extension

  • DVT-19255 Build config: Add support for -amscompilefile library specification

  • DVT-19256 Add support for `worklib/`noworklib pragmas for inline library specification

  • DVT-19257 Add support for non-standard syntax ':amsconfig' in config use clause

  • DVT-19267 Encrypted code auto-API: Ability to auto define elements through package imports

  • DVT-19366 Trigger error for incorrect struct scope accessed statically


  • vscode-963 JavaDoc tags {@code} and are rendered differently in tooltips

  • vscode-1227 Notify immediately when a Language Server fails to start, instead of waiting until DVT.languageServer.startTimeout expires

  • vscode-1247 Verification Hierarchy top candidates with long paths have their display name truncated in the select top list

  • DVT-16988 Promote METHOD_CALL_ARGUMENTS warning to error for input/inout/ref arguments

  • DVT-19268 Encrypted code auto-API: API defined inside a package is not available through imports

  • DVT-19291 False WIDTH_MISMATCH warning for sum array method with cast iterator

  • DVT-19310 False OVERRIDE_VIRTUAL_METHOD error for method implemented in parent class

  • DVT-19344 Trigger ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error for non-equivalent 2-state vs. 4-state unpacked array type assigned to ref argument

  • DVT-19355 Trigger error for invalid predefined array function call on bitvector variable

  • DVT-19361 False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error for ref argument connected to output argument

  • DVT-19367 SIGNAL_NEVER_USED warning disappears at incremental compilation in program

  • DVT-19392 False ILLEGAL_HIERARCHICAL_ACCESS error for enum literal under generate block

  • DVT-19405 Encrypted code auto-API: Not working for elements used in if clauses

  • DVT-19406 Encrypted code auto-API: Wrong return type for auto defined functions in coverpoint iff clauses

  • DVT-19409 False syntax error for HDL property declaration in PSL vunit

  • DVT-19412 Rename Refactoring: When renaming a virtual function of a parametrized class, the parent class functions are not renamed

  • DVT-19426 Inconsistent behavior when resolving relative paths with parent directory segments crossing a directory symlink during build config parsing and file parsing

23.1.21 (12 September 2023)


  • vscode-1249 Extension does not activate on VS Code 1.82 with Remote-SSH

23.1.20 (6 September 2023)


  • DVT-12661 Code Formatting: Add preference to compact consecutive empty lines


  • vscode-1220 Improve UX for switching the active build configuration when the client is connected to a standalone Language Server

  • vscode-1236 Content Assist: Add preference to disable type compatible argument for function call proposals

  • DVT-14709 Bit Field Diagrams: Ability to split large UVM registers diagrams on multiple lanes

  • DVT-19294 Bit Field Diagrams: Trim unused bit fields for UVM registers


  • vscode-1237 Bit Field Diagrams: UVM register size changes are not taken into account when regenerating the diagram

  • DVT-15215 Do not allow both local and protected before method declaration or class property

  • DVT-18069 Default case generate item is incorrectly elaborated at incremental in some cases

  • DVT-19263 Wrong MISSING_TYPE_IMPLEMENTATION: type is not implemented error thrown in some scenarios when +dvt_encrypted_code_auto_api is specified

  • DVT-19269 METHOD_CALL_ARGUMENTS error on function imported through package is not cleared on incremental when adding a parameter in function definition

23.1.19 (25 August 2023)


  • vscode-320 Intelligent code coloring for conditional parameterized generate

  • vscode-394 & vscode-1224 Workspace Symbols: Add support for UVM-specific queries

  • vscode-1206 Add database out of sync notification

  • DVT-15678 Ability to show including file for filelists


  • vscode-1210 Reorder Status Bar items

  • vscode-1218 Show Including File: Improve user experience when the file is included multiple times

  • vscode-1225 Show Including File: Improve user experience when the file is included in files compiled out of scope

  • DVT-7982 New semantic check for non-virtual implementations of interface class methods

  • DVT-14615 New semantic check that target of 'disable soft' is a variable

  • DVT-19218 Console View: Report encrypted code auto-API summary instead of the entire report


  • vscode-1208 Unable to interact with UML diagrams after invoking an action from the context menu that does not modify the diagram

  • vscode-1214 Design Breadcrumb: Wrong selection in editor when navigating to a generate block

  • vscode-1216 Design Breadcrumb: Wrong updates when triggering 'Open Design Breadcrumb Instance'

  • vscode-1221 Using 'dvt_code createProject .' should create a project with the name of the folder instead of ','

  • DVT-10968 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER semantic error for enum value defined inside a struct

  • DVT-13647 Declare Quick Fix: Append scope for element type if not visible in scope

  • DVT-16002 Code Formatting: Whitespaces are not added around tokens followed by the "#" symbol

  • DVT-16478 Code Formatting: Wrong vertical alignment for multi-line assignments

  • DVT-18547 Code Formatting: Formatting issue of "case default" when colon is a vertical align token

  • DVT-18801 Bit Field Diagrams: Ability to extract the table in a text format

  • DVT-19182 Trigger UNDEFINED_OPERATOR error for invalid equality containing a variable of event type

  • DVT-19214 False SIGNAL_NOT_RESET warning for hierarchical signal set multiple times

  • DVT-19222 Invalid ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error for packed array ref argument when actual part has an alias type

  • DVT-19223 Invalid ILLEGAL_CAST_OPERATION error for cast to covercross predefined type CrossQueueType

  • DVT-19239 No warning triggered for duplicate enum literal declared inside struct anonymous enum

  • DVT-19241 Build configuration analysis is broken by the use of empty-valued environment variables

  • DVT-19243 Trigger error for event expression passed to function call argument

  • DVT-19251 ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error thrown when auto defining class fields using +dvt_encrypted_code_auto_api

  • DVT-19274 Bit Field Diagrams: Wrong union members representation when using typedefs

23.1.18 (2 August 2023)


  • vscode-574 Add extension walkthrough


  • DVT-14777 Add .vh extensions to compilable files in ius.irun/xcelium.xrun compatibility mode

  • DVT-16506 Specify preferences.ini and settings.json keys in Code Formatting documentation

  • DVT-18963 Add shallow compilation modes in content assist proposals for +dvt_shallow_compile directive


  • vscode-1211 Wrong versions of VS Code requirements checked at startup

  • vscode-1212 Sometimes the Language Server disconnects from the client during an active session

  • vscode-1213 Verification Breadcrumb: Wrong updates when using 'Open Create Call / Field Declaration' commands in UVM Components Diagrams

  • DVT-18080 Code Formatting: Wrong vertical alignment of class variable declarations with multiple parameters

  • DVT-18431 Code Formatting: Analysis ports declarations are not vertically aligned

  • DVT-18461 Code Formatting: Vertical alignment doesn't work if variable's type contains the class scope resolution operator "::"

  • DVT-18832 Auto define of encrypted constructor using +dvt_encrypted_code_auto_api is not working when its enclosing class extends other class

  • DVT-19106 Add non-standard support for enclosing parentheses around tagged union pattern

  • DVT-19131 Build config: Multiple +dvt_skip_compile+not directives result in no files compiled

  • DVT-19146 Build config: -ml_uvm flag in xcelium.xrun mode should be highlighted and suggested in the auto complete list

  • DVT-19155 Build config: Directives starting with -uvm prefix are wrongly interpreted as -uvm

  • DVT-19187 Incorrect resolution of static access to local package disregarding the -pkgsearch directive

  • DVT-19192 Code Formatting: Wrong vertical alignment for multiple class variable declarations on the same line

23.1.17 (19 July 2023)


  • vscode-1209 Extension is not activated on some Linux distros due to false failures in the prerequisites checks

23.1.16 (18 July 2023)


  • vscode-1162 Add preference to automatically save editors on rebuild

  • vscode-1167 Add an indication that there are other SystemVerilog / VHDL extensions installed

  • vscode-1200 Show a startup warning when GLIBC and GLIBCXX requirements are not met

  • DVT-19036 Build config: Ability to provide the location of xrun instead of automatically detecting it


  • vscode-1198 The ports panel is sometimes wrongly updated when scrolling in the Instances panel of Design or Verification Hierarchy Views

23.1.15 (7 July 2023)


  • DVT-19098 Improve performance of file compilation when using +dvt_encrypted_code_auto_close


  • DVT-14654 Remove +dvt_enable_non_top_instances_check directive


  • vscode-1032 Show indicator in status bar that Language Server is actively processing requests


  • vscode-880 Ability to set license as part of a startup script instead of using the DVT.license.source preference

  • vscode-888 Validate that DVT.license.source preference does not contain leading or trailing whitespaces

  • DVT-18995 Bit Field Diagrams: Add support for widths defined using parameters in elaborated modules

  • DVT-19085 Bit Field Diagrams: Ability to see the full name of a field in the table on hover


  • vscode-846 & vscode-1139 Improve user experience when encountering network disconnect scenarios

  • vscode-1191 Verification Hierarchy: View becomes empty when quickly collapsing/expanding tree elements

  • vscode-1199 Wrong syntax highlighting of "class" and "endclass" keywords when a virtual class is defined inside a module or a package

  • vscode-1201 Diagnostics provided by DVT Problem Matchers disappear from the Problems View after navigating to their source code

  • vscode-1202 'Request License' and 'Schedule Demo' buttons are not properly rendered in the extension's details page

  • vscode-1203 False startup warning that VS Code was not started correctly reported when using Remote-SSH

  • DVT-19107 False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error for port connection with bit vector operands are defined with parameter values

23.1.14 (22 June 2023)


  • vscode-798 Renaming a file-level scope element (module, interface, class, package) should rename the file if the names match

  • vscode-822 Refactoring rename a file should change all its `include and build config references

  • vscode-883 Add support for ${command:dvt.getPathToSignalUnderCursor} input variable in VS Code tasks

  • vscode-1094 Add support for ${command:dvt.getActiveBuildConfigName} and ${command:dvt.getActiveBuildConfigFullPath} input variables in VS Code tasks

  • vscode-1136 Memory Monitor: Memory starvation handling mechanism

  • vscode-1148 Ability to select the entire block when cursor is placed on opening/closing keywords

  • vscode-1184 Show a startup warning when VS Code was started using VSCode/code instead of VSCode/bin/code

  • DVT-18696 Build config: Add support for questa.qrun compatibility mode


  • vscode-490 Ability to request a trial license from the error pop-up when license can't be checked-out

  • vscode-708 Ability to request a trial license or demo session from the extension's details page

  • vscode-1159 Ability to trace messages on Language Server side

  • vscode-1194 Heap usage indicator from Status Bar should display the value as integer

  • DVT-16698 Check for illegal ref/output/inout default value of module port

  • DVT-17723 Differentiate UNDEFINED_OPERATOR / ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT error message when only signing differs

  • DVT-18126 Trigger semantic error for incompatible unpacked array because of different element types


  • vscode-1097 Creating non-existing files using Quick Fix does not update compilation errors

  • vscode-1103 Files created using refactoring operations / quick fixes are not focused automatically

  • vscode-1109 Overwriting an already opened DVT predefined project should reset the state of the opened files

  • vscode-1174 Applying Code Actions has no effect if the target file was not opened previously

  • vscode-1175 Compile Order / Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy views are not fully populated after overwriting an already opened DVT predefined project

  • vscode-1192 Switching the top in Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy view results in empty view if there is an active filter by port name

  • DVT-19037 False ILLEGAL_NET_ASSIGNMENT error for interface variable accessed through modport

  • DVT-19049 Shallow Compilation: StackOverflowError thrown when too many wires are declared in a single instruction

  • DVT-19059 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error for array initialization when the +dvt_encrypted_code_auto_api is set

  • DVT-19060 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error for interface variable "self"

  • DVT-19080 False ILLEGAL_NET_ASSIGNMENT error for clocking block variable

23.1.13 (7 June 2023)


  • vscode-1185 Change the id and title of the "DVT: Verissimo Linter..." command to "Verissimo: Lint..."


  • vscode-478 Ability to change references in JavaDoc-like annotations while performing a rename refactoring

  • vscode-1137 Report an Issue: Improve error messages when encountering network issues

  • vscode-1149 Diagnostics View: Ability to enable/disable auto-refresh

  • vscode-1150 Improve user experience for rename operations that require user confirmation

  • DVT-19018 Trigger semantic error for illegal ref argument in static method

  • DVT-19025 Build config: Add support for -mcl flag in xcelium.xrun compatibility mode


  • vscode-1173 Design Hierarchy View: Toggling "Show/Hide generates without instances" results in incomplete list of elements

  • DVT-18895 False OUTPUT_PORT_READ warning for Verilog_AMS discipline access functions

  • DVT-19009 Hyperlinks to identifiers inside macro calls do not work properly in specific scenarios

23.1.12 (23 May 2023)


  • DVT-18961 Content Assist: Improve computation speed for `include proposals in slow file systems


  • vscode-1163 Ability to display the Language Server's heap usage in the Status Bar

  • DVT-9674 Trigger semantic error for illegal ref argument in function call


  • vscode-1160 Disable searching through info messages displayed inside the Compile Order View

  • vscode-1161 Disable context menu actions on info messages displayed in Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy / Compile Order

  • vscode-1165 Sometimes the restart Language Server notification is not triggered after editing the build.ls file

  • vscode-1171 Existing filter is not taken into account when selecting the Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy top

  • vscode-1176 Loading indicators are not displayed during rebuild in Compile Order / Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy views

  • vscode-1177 Unable to start the Language Server if name.ls file contains leading or trailing whitespace for heap_size and stack_size values

  • DVT-17069 False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT of arrays of real signals in port connections

  • DVT-17454 Incorrect string value override when using +dvt_defparam build config directive

  • DVT-18412 Trigger semantic error when writing to a parameter

  • DVT-18881 Improve Show Connected TLM Ports accuracy

  • DVT-18962 Streaming operators do not evaluate in unpacked array context

  • DVT-18993 Compilation stops when an `included module is encountered in a -v library file

  • DVT-19008 Exception thrown when analyzing a class that contains forward definition for inner class

23.1.11 (9 May 2023)


  • vscode-1133 Ability to prepend package name in Type Hierarchy

  • DVT-18907 Do not trigger PORT_CONNECTION Input connected to output error in unelaborated code

  • DVT-18934 Support for +dvt_elaboration_loop_block_cutoff when elaborating array of instances

  • DVT-18955 Evaluate array of instances range dimension LHS and RHS only as signed expressions


  • vscode-1140 UVM Components Diagram: Sometimes 'Show Connections' generates incomplete diagram

  • vscode-1151 UVM Components Diagram: Sometimes an internal error is thrown when refreshing the diagram after a full build

  • vscode-1152 UVM Components Diagram: Sometimes diagrams get stuck in "Generating Diagram..." when toggling content filters

  • vscode-1153 Updating diagnostics and incremental compilation don't work when reconnecting to the same standalone Language Server

  • vscode-1155 DVT.tooltips.parameterValuesRadix preference is not taken into account

  • vscode-1157 Language Server is wrongly started when closing notification suggesting to reactivate DVT for a previously deactivated workspace

  • vscode-1158 "Building..." notification does not dissapear when deactivating DVT support during an in progress build

  • DVT-17926 Correctly compute hyperlinks for method calls used as macro call arguments

  • DVT-18277 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error for member of inherited field with parameter alias type

  • DVT-18920 False ILLEGAL_VARIABLE_ASSIGNMENTS error for different array selects in concatenation

  • DVT-18935 False 'No matching `endif' syntax error when files contains non-printable characters

23.1.10 (25 April 2023)


  • vscode-1125 Improve overall Language Server response time when updating many diagnostics

  • DVT-18854 Improve build performance for projects with many `ifdef guards


  • vscode-1089 Ability to copy design hierarchy path of signal under cursor


  • vscode-1117 Semantic highlight is not updated automatically after an incremental build

  • vscode-1147 dvt_ls.sh does not print "Server started" when -noexit is provided

  • DVT-18896 False syntax error for `endif found in string literal

23.1.9 (12 April 2023)


  • vscode-1065 Add syntactic highlight support for PSL

  • DVT-18849 Ability to evaluate casex/casez statements during elaboration

  • DVT-18873 Improve error recovery for particular preprocessing contexts


  • vscode-1006 Unable to connect to remote Language Server if the corresponding project folder is already opened

  • vscode-1077 Sometimes syntactic highlight of DPI functions is wrong

  • vscode-1128 Client does not connect to the Language Server due to short timeout

  • vscode-1131 Wrong language mode for files with .svams extension

  • vscode-1132 Sometimes block comments are not highlighted

  • vscode-1141 Default value of 'DVT.languageServer.startTimeout' is not set in some VS Code versions

  • DVT-17975 ASSIGNMENT_BLOCKING warnings not always flagged in clocked always blocks

  • DVT-18594 UVM Components Diagram: Show Sources / Destinations should follow data direction in TLM ports

  • DVT-18759 Code Formatting: Wrong code indentation when a parameters list contains an `include directive

  • DVT-18819 Case item expression not evaluated with respect to the signing of case items

  • DVT-18850 Incorrect evaluation of case expression with increment/decrement operator

  • DVT-18853 False SELECT_NOT_ALLOWED error for field of specialized class scope type

  • DVT-18860 False NON_EXISTING_PACKAGE error for local package when current library is not specified in the -liblist directive

  • DVT-18865 Incorrect signing for non-ANSI port with separate net declaration

  • DVT-18867 Incorrect size evaluation for self-determined '**' operator

23.1.8 (29 March 2023)


  • DVT-13635 Ability to do a "shallow" compilation for specific files / invocations in order to speed up full build time

  • DVT-18816 Speed up incremental build when changing typedef struct/unresolved extern function implementation inside modules or programs

  • DVT-18826 Speed up incremental build when changing functions inside modules or programs


  • DVT-18521 Add support for SystemVerilog AMS


  • DVT-15582 Enhance the +dvt_auto_snps_vip_macros build config directive

  • DVT-18784 Extend ILLEGAL_NET_DATATYPE 2-state datatype check to port declarations


  • vscode-1078 Using "/*" wildcards in build configuration files results in wrong highlighting

  • vscode-1124 Design Hierarchy View: Resizing the instances panel to maximum height results in incomplete list of elements

  • vscode-1126 Sometimes the diagrams freeze when receiving scroll wheel click events

  • vscode-1129 Report an Issue: Unable to save issue report on Windows

  • vscode-1130 Report an Issue: Unable to expand or uncheck directories on Windows

  • DVT-18278 Automatically waive MISSING_FUNCTION_IMPLEMENTATION errors when their implementations are encrypted

  • DVT-18705 Incorrect declaration hyperlink for field type shadowed by local typedef

  • DVT-18743 Compile Order View: Inconsistent compile index between Compile Order and Console when having skipped files

  • DVT-18815 & DVT-18806 Incorrect resolution of wildcard import to local package indifferent to the -pkgsearch directive

23.1.7 (15 March 2023)


  • DVT-18779 Speed up incremental build when changing content of classes nested inside modules or programs


  • vscode-1116 Improved Report an Issue UI

  • DVT-18514 Auto define constraints using +dvt_encrypted_code_auto_api

  • DVT-18578 Trigger semantic error for variable connected to inout port

  • DVT-18713 Throw error for non-net variable inout port

  • DVT-18747 Do not trigger SIGNAL_MULTIPLE_DRIVERS warning for variables

  • DVT-18748 Trigger error for variable written by mixture of continuous and procedural assignments

  • DVT-18749 Trigger error for variable written by more than one continuous assignment


  • vscode-1046 FSM Diagrams: Diagram's context menu does not disappear when selecting transition table element

  • vscode-1058 Report an Issue: Unable to inspect the directories content when using Remote SSH

  • vscode-1111 Diagrams: Resetting the name when creating a new filter should disable the OK button

  • vscode-1114 UVM Components Diagram: Sometimes diagrams get stuck in "Generating Diagram..." when toggling content filters

  • vscode-1119 Sometimes two "Building..." progress notifications are displayed during a full build operation

  • vscode-1121 DVT.languageServer.selection preference is not taken into account when set to "Connect to an available Language Server"

  • vscode-1122 Verification Breadcrumb specific commands are not displayed in the Command Palette

  • vscode-1123 Rebuilding project after deleting waivers file does not update problem to its original severity

  • DVT-18053 +dvt_encrypted_code_auto_api does not auto-define class constructors

  • DVT-18492 False MULTI_BIT_EDGE_CONTROL warning for signal bit select

  • DVT-18617 & vscode-1074 Open Declaration on parameterized module where the instance name is the same as module definition doesn't work

  • DVT-18703 Schematic diagrams: Connections made via arrays of interface instances are not shown

  • DVT-18740 Compile Order View: Wrong number of unique files computed when using -y / -v libraries

  • DVT-18742 Compile Order View: Duplicate library files are skipped

23.1.6 (1 March 2023)


  • DVT-18611 Trigger width/signing mismatch warnings for case expressions


  • vscode-1000 When using dvt_code.sh with no arguments, don't close the main window when Getting Started editor is closed

  • vscode-1073 Heap size is not taken into account when using dvt_cli.sh -vscode -heap_size

  • vscode-1093 Using dvt_code.sh with -build and -<name>.build arguments should create the build configuration file

  • vscode-1107 Design Diagrams: Wrong diagram generated when navigating through the breadcrumb after switching between diagram types via context menu action

  • vscode-1108 UVM Components Diagram: Sometimes changing diagram's depth has no effect

  • vscode-1113 Diagrams: Navigating through the available filters resets the content of the custom filters

  • vscode-1115 Code Formatting: "Add New Line After Begin And Before End" indentation preference does not work

  • DVT-18669 Improve performance of incremental compilation when changing fields of classes used inside large programs

  • DVT-18670 Improve performance of incremental compilation when changing function result implicit variable located inside large programs

  • DVT-18677 StackOverflowError thrown during build for circular typedef in some cases

  • DVT-18682 False NON_EXISTING_TYPE error for local:: qualifier in assertion expression randomize call

  • DVT-18684 Code Formatting: In specific scenarios the "Add New Line After End" preference does not work

23.1.5 (21 February 2023)


  • DVT-18635 Bit Field Diagrams: Improved caching mechanism in Diagrams View


  • vscode-1083 Easily accessible build configuration quick reference

  • DVT-9519 & DVT-6092 Build Config: Add support for -ml_uvm flag in xcelium.xrun mode

  • DVT-18324 Bit Field Diagrams: Ability to split diagrams on multiple lanes

  • DVT-18442 Jump To Connected TLM Ports: Ability to choose the next connection

  • DVT-18606 Build Config: Add support for -uvmexthome flag in xcelium.xrun mode

  • DVT-18613 Bit Field Diagrams: Show hierarchical field names in the table

  • DVT-18646 Handle typedef unpacked dimension change incrementally


  • vscode-1070 Verification Hierarchy / Design Hierarchy is sometimes partially populated

  • vscode-1101 Compile Order View: Collapsing and expanding the view multiple times results in wrong list of compiled files

  • vscode-1104 Expanding Compile Order / Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy after full build results in an empty view

  • vscode-1106 Verification Hierarchy View becomes unresponsive if Explorer View was focused during the incremental build

  • DVT-18117 Add support for escaped ticks (\') in +define or show the error and correctly recover

  • DVT-18299 Compile Order View: View label is not updated when clearing the search box

  • DVT-18599 Bit Field Diagrams: Fix hyperlink location for packed structs

  • DVT-18622 Open Super Implementation should place the cursor on the method / constraint name

  • DVT-18637 WAVEDROM_FILE pragma does not work with full paths

  • DVT-18651 Module instantiated using bind wrongly marked as unelaborated at incremental

23.1.4 (8 February 2023)


  • DVT-18587 Improve performance of incremental compilation when changing class name defined using forward typedef inside large programs

  • DVT-18595 Improve performance of incremental compilation in very large designs when changing class definitions


  • DVT-18604 License: Support for FlexLM tools and dvtlmd daemon <11.19 is deprecated and will be removed in future versions


  • DVT-18605 License: New client implementation based on FlexLM 11.19 (disabled by default)


  • DVT-18240 License: In some cases the license client leaks a large number of CLOSE_WAIT sockets due to a FlexLM bug

  • DVT-18576 False WIDTH MISMATCH warning when the same interface signal is evaluated multiple times

  • DVT-18589 Trigger width mismatch warning for left-hand side bit vector operand that references local instance parameter

  • DVT-18601 Extract to local variable from an assert condition generates a syntactic error

  • DVT-18602 Wrong "Open Declaration" hyperlink for extern constraints in specific scenarios

  • DVT-18603 License: In some cases when multiple license sources are set and no license is available, the license client is repeatedly queuing and dequeuing for a license

23.1.3 (31 January 2023)


  • DVT-11725 Quick Fix: Wrong type computed from type parameters

  • DVT-15848 Declare Function Quick Fix: Incorrect number of arguments when the undeclared function is used in a macro call

  • DVT-17826 Queue arguments should be passed by reference when extracting to function

  • DVT-18575 "Open Implementation" hyperlink missing after incremental build when the implementation is in a different file

23.1.2 (25 January 2023)


  • DVT-18485 Improve performance of incremental compilation when changing class function argument defined inside big programs


  • DVT-18415 False NON_EXISTING_TYPE error when using the type operator to refer to the data type of an expression

23.1.1 (19 January 2023)


Note: Some of the highlights below were rolled-out in 22.1.# hotfix releases for early adopters.


  • DVT-18443 Content Assist: Slow proposal computation in deep design hierarchical access

  • DVT-18467 Improve performance of incremental compilation when changing typedef enum/struct items defined inside programs

  • DVT-18519 Reduce memory footprint during elaboration

  • DVT-18520 & vscode-1043 Quick Fix: Improve "Did you mean" performance


  • DVT-18516 Removed +dvt_enable_elaboration directive


  • vscode-1092 Add dvt_code -files_exclude argument to exclude files from VS Code / VSCodium Explorer View

  • DVT-5777 & DVT-13043 New semantic error when calling time consuming actions from functions


  • vscode-1044 Autoinsert a '*' on Enter in a block comment

  • vscode-1081 Ability to add or skip files from compilation using Explorer context menu

  • DVT-18487 Reduce memory footprint of elaborated design with many generates blocks

  • DVT-18518 New Init from SimLog timeout mechanism

  • DVT-18531 Improve Init from SimLog cancel mechanism


  • vscode-1084 Type Hierarchy is empty when it is triggered from the usage of an element

  • vscode-1087 Started server id is not printed when dvt_ls.sh -noexit is used

  • DVT-18158 Update prototype to match extern implementation overwrites parameters default value

  • DVT-18460 False UNELABORATED_ENTITY warning after incremental adaptive elaboration of component instance in some cases

  • DVT-18490 Quick fix: In certain scenarios, add to sensitivity list inserts the signal in the wrong place

  • DVT-18497 Broken parameter declarations after extract to module refactoring

  • DVT-18517 Init from SimLog: Extracted compilation arguments are truncated for lengthy inputs

  • DVT-18530 Content Assist: No proposals for UVM field registration if the macro for a field could not be determined

22.1.39 (20 December 2022)


  • DVT-18446 Improve performance of incremental compilation when the included files contain many localparams


  • vscode-836 Diagnostics View: Missing server information on Windows

  • vscode-1062 Wrong "Building..." notification when rebuild is triggered without license

  • vscode-1088 Compile Waivers are not applied automatically when VS Code is unable to watch for file changes in large workspace folders

  • vscode-1090 $ENV_NAME system variables are not resolved correctly when used in DVT.languageServer.launchCommand preference


  • vscode-1067 Improve user experience when working with invalid compile waivers file

22.1.38 (14 December 2022)


  • DVT-18424 Improve performance of incremental compilation for classes defined inside programs


  • vscode-1079 License server still tries to check-out Verissimo license after canceling the session when there is no Verissimo license

  • vscode-1085 Invoking "Override Methods" and "Generate Setters & Getters" from Content Assist has no effect

  • DVT-18228 False NOF_PORT_CONNECTIONS error when instantiating module with unconnectable ports

  • DVT-18341 Incorrect struct assignment pattern proposal when struct contains enumerated type


  • DVT-18354 Cannot calculate parameter value when assigned to struct assignment pattern with 'default' clause

22.1.37 (6 December 2022)


  • vscode-1020 Different errors occur when performing actions in newly created files

  • vscode-1072 Natures detection progress notification is displayed at the same time with the 'Select languages' quick-pick

  • DVT-18389 No references to overridden methods reported when the inheritance is done using type parameters


  • vscode-1066 Ability to relocate Language Server's logs and registry directories

  • DVT-17442 & DVT-17964 Improve +dvt_init_from_simlog handling of quoted defines when working with xrun logs

  • DVT-18167 Design Hierarchy View: Hide generate blocks that don't have any leaf instances

  • DVT-18362 Trigger semantic error for genvar used in procedural for statement

  • DVT-18407 Trigger semantic error for non-class variable used as argument to class randomize call

22.1.36 (22 November 2022)


  • vscode-829 Increased VS Code minimum required version to 1.67.2 due to update to LSP 3.17


  • vscode-986 Avoid serializing invalid argument values in the build.ls file

  • vscode-1022 Verification Hierarchy View: Sometimes the view is not fully populated

  • vscode-1055 FSM Diagrams: Applying any preference in a new diagram generates an empty editor

  • vscode-1061 Compile Order View: Sometimes the view is empty after full build

  • DVT-17200 Predefined Projects: uvm_ref_flow does not run in xrun

  • DVT-18295 False error for decimal number containing '?' digit

  • DVT-18358 Missing UNELABORATED_MODULE warning after project restore

  • DVT-18359 Instance parameter values under generate blocks are not elaborated in some cases

  • DVT-18365 False ILLEGAL_IMPLICIT error in some cases where a file is compiled multiple times


  • vscode-1011 Validate nature values in the build.ls file before starting the Language Server

  • DVT-18287 Change +dvt_elaboration_skip directives to exclude elaborated instances

  • DVT-18288 Add elaboration directives to black box instances

22.1.35 (17 November 2022)


  • vscode-1050 Compile Order View: Wrong results when searching for a file before full build is done

  • vscode-1052 Compile Order View: Wrong results when toggling Content Filters if the search box is populated

  • vscode-1057 Sometimes the Breadcrumb throws an error after closing a Diagram Editor

  • vscode-1059 Diagrams get stuck in "Generating Diagram..." after applying a filter

  • vscode-1060 Generate setters/getters displays duplicate entries in UI

  • vscode-1063 Bitfield Diagrams: Wrong types displayed in the table for similar structs

  • DVT-18132 NullPointerException is thrown when undefined environment variables are used in +dvt_skip_compile

  • DVT-18270 Bitfield Diagrams: Table line highlight does not work when clicking an SVG field using the XULRunner web browser

  • DVT-18317 Bitfield Diagrams: SVG fields cannot be clicked if the name has the same length

  • DVT-18338 Wrong one-hot encoded FSM diagram generated when state values have more than 32bits

  • DVT-18344 StackOverflowException during elaboration for a function's implicit return variable used as argument


  • DVT-18105 Add support for 'fl_property' in PSL assertions

  • DVT-18320 Show potential match for method when its class is used as a parameter value

22.1.34 (8 November 2022)


  • DVT-8282 Show computed struct size in tooltip

  • DVT-15584 Bitfield Diagrams: Add support for packed data types


  • vscode-1007 "Cancel Build" command has no effect when it's invoked right after the build started

  • vscode-1023 Compile Order View: View content is not updated correctly after clearing the search box

  • vscode-1024 Compile Order View: UI freezes when the last match gets removed at incremental build

  • vscode-1049 NullPointerException when opening a file with an unknown extension

  • vscode-1051 Do not expand macro if the selected text already contains a macro expansion

  • vscode-1053 Compile Order View: Sometimes clearing the search box freezes the view

  • vscode-1054 Marketplace extension is missing the dvt_simlog_processor.sh script

  • DVT-18280 Package parameter value not computed when referencing another local parameter with package scope

  • DVT-18289 Wrong one-hot encoded FSM diagram generated when state values are parameter values

  • DVT-18297 Incorrect evaluation of an if statement in some cases during elaboration

  • DVT-18300 Show Connected TLM Ports: Ports from 'connect' method argument are not shown

  • DVT-18301 Jump to Connected TLM Port: Ports from 'connect' method argument are not taken into consideration when jumping to connection


  • vscode-763 Show warning when the expansion does not match the definition of a collapsed macro

  • vscode-996 Show a visual indication in the UI when build is in progress

  • vscode-1027 Show a visual indication in the UI when saving a diagram

  • vscode-1035 Add preference for controlling if the build console should be automatically focused when a build starts

22.1.33 (2 November 2022)


  • vscode-1047 Extension build pre-installed in a DVT distro fails to activate

22.1.32 (1 November 2022)


  • vscode-1029 Improve Workspace Symbols performance

  • DVT-17481 Reduce memory needed during elaboration for design with many generates

  • DVT-18248 Improve hyperlink performance in specific contexts


  • vscode-633 Added tasks predefined problem matchers for several simulators

  • DVT-3004 Ability to navigate between connected TLM ports

  • DVT-18226 Ability to show all connected TLM ports for a selected TLM port


  • vscode-1015 Dismissing the QuickPick when selecting a standalone server to connect to will still connect to a server

  • vscode-1036 NullPointerException when opening the Refactor Preview Panel

  • vscode-1040 BadLocationException thrown when publishing diagnostics after incremental build

  • DVT-18097 +dvt_encrypted_code_auto_api does not work for code encrypted using `pragma protect begin_protected/end_protected

  • DVT-18208 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error for parameterized class enum value accessed hierarchically inside class scope

  • DVT-18252 UVM Bitfield Diagrams: Parameters are not evaluated in configurations

  • DVT-18253 False extern constraint/method declaration marked as usage when searching for program with the same name


  • vscode-885 Improve UI usability when overwriting a predefined project

  • vscode-1016 Improve user experience when license can't be checked-out

  • vscode-1033 Show error message when DVT_CHECKOUT_HOOK fails

  • vscode-1034 Ability to customize the working directory when invoking DVT_CHECKOUT_HOOK

  • DVT-18104 Add non-standard support for class constructor call as method argument default value

  • DVT-18128 +dvt_encrypted_code_auto_api should define parameters when used inside dimensions

  • DVT-18189 Trigger syntax error for continuous assignments in packages

  • DVT-18260 Improve evaluation performance for struct inside struct types in elaboration

  • DVT-18264 Add dedicated build configuration directive for loop cutoff of function statements

22.1.31 (20 October 2022)


  • DVT-17516 Code Formatting: Wrong vertical alignment of unpacked dimensions for signed module signal declarations

  • DVT-18174 Incorrect macro expansion for `` after parameter usage

  • DVT-18196 False MISSING_PARAMETER_OVERRIDE error for specialized class forward typedef

22.1.30 (11 October 2022)


  • vscode-1010 Unable to open files from Compile Order / Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy when they are on a Windows mapped network drive

  • vscode-1025 Missing override annotations when there are multiple visible editors

  • DVT-18107 Trigger SIGNAL_MULTIPLE_DRIVERS warning for initial value drivers

  • DVT-18171 Incorrect parameter value when assigned to a non-constant function


  • DVT-15168 Bitfield Diagrams: Ability to save the register field table alongside the diagram


  • DVT-18172 dvt_elaboration_loop_block_cutoff should also limit for/while/repeat statements in function evaluations

22.1.28 (28 September 2022)


  • DVT-18124 Improve performance of incremental compilation when included file contains many extern methods/constraints


  • DVT-17817 Add autocomplete proposal for an assignment pattern that initializes a struct type variable


  • DVT-17974 False ASSIGNMENT_NON_BLOCKING warning in sequential always block with event control error

  • DVT-18071 False USAGE_BEFORE_DECLARATION error for type of non-ansi port

  • DVT-18109 The +dvt_set_directive_nof_args only works within the first +dvt_init section

  • DVT-18127 Thread Dump Collector: Fix broken zips caused by SIGINT signals


  • DVT-17409 Build config: -ccwarn directive should take one argument

  • DVT-17593 Build config: -denalipath directive should take one argument

  • DVT-17776 Build config: -dms_wreal_init directive should take one argument

  • DVT-17937 Build config: -max_always_prune should take one argument

22.1.27 (13 September 2022)


  • DVT-17444 Improve parameter text value computation for large arrays


  • vscode-970 Wrong breadcrumb when generating diagram from Design/Verification Hierarchy

  • vscode-994 Design Diagrams: Sometimes 'Show Connections' generates incomplete diagram

  • vscode-1014 Code Actions: Edit inserted at wrong offset when trigger editor is different than target editor

  • DVT-17948 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error thrown when using bound instance in hierarchical accesses

  • DVT-18045 False ILLEGAL_CONSTANT_ASSIGN error for enum literal used with repetition in bins

  • DVT-18059 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER error at incremental for bind instance declared at the library level


  • DVT-17893 Build config: Add predefined environment variable _XRUNROOT_ in xcelium.xrun compatibility mode

  • DVT-17938 Ability to customize the number of arguments for build config directives using +dvt_set_directive_nof_args

22.1.26 (7 September 2022)


  • DVT-17957 Improve performance of incremental compilation on files which contain import clauses and included files


  • vscode-976 Build Console update is delayed a few seconds after the build is done

  • DVT-18021 Do not trigger USAGE_BEFORE_DECLARATION errors for field usages in named action blocks when the declaration file is compiled multiple times


  • vscode-1012 Code Factory: Improve performance and usability

  • DVT-17891 Throw error when struct assignment pattern has more associations than the structure has fields

22.1.25 (30 August 2022)


  • vscode-966 Sometimes Design and Verification Breadcrumbs are not visible

  • vscode-1002 Files displayed in the Compiled Files View should not be affected by the DVT.workspaceSymbols.maximumNumberOfSymbols preference

  • vscode-1005 Workspace Symbols: Unable to navigate to file in Windows

  • DVT-14659 Elaboration support for a configuration used inside another configuration with instance paths relative to the first


  • DVT-17860 Automatically compress generated thread dumps

  • DVT-17909 Filter WIDTH_MISMATCH_PADDING warnings on 'uvm_bitstream_t ' predefined type

22.1.24 (22 August 2022)


  • DVT-17980 Improve build performance for projects containing encrypted code


  • vscode-989 UML Diagrams: Empty diagram editor after rebuild

  • vscode-995 Preserve cursor focus when showing the Build Console

  • vscode-998 IllegalStateException thrown when using Extract to Module

  • DVT-17884 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER reported when a covergroup parameter default value references a previously defined parameter


  • vscode-878 Code Factory: Ability to use custom templates

  • vscode-961 Using Show Diagram on a port in Design Hierarchy Ports View should generate a connection diagram

  • vscode-981 Limit the number of symbols displayed in Workspace Symbols View

  • DVT-11030 Enhance argument checking for system function calls

22.1.23 (16 August 2022)


  • DVT-17912 Do not show BuildCancelException after canceling the elaboration in some cases


  • vscode-225 Ability to jump to case branch

  • vscode-697 Scope Breadcrumb: Ability to copy qualified name


  • vscode-873 FSM Diagrams: The content of the transition table is duplicated when applying preferences

  • vscode-887 Open folder from a mapped network drive does not work

  • vscode-903 Modifying the preprocessing defines inside the build configuration file does not update the inactive code background for the opened files after full build

  • vscode-929 & vscode-959 Breadcrumb is not updated when switching from text editor to diagram

  • vscode-952 Ignore empty values of -lang argument in dvt_ls.sh and dvt_code.sh

  • vscode-973 Inactive code background is displayed only for the active editor after full build

  • vscode-974 NPE when computing breadcrumb after using hyperlinks

  • vscode-975 NPE when computing diagnostics after incremental build

  • vscode-979 Error thrown when invoking the "Activate" command inside an empty directory

  • vscode-982 Terminal environment is incorrectly altered when the inherited environment variables contain strings with other environment variables

  • vscode-988 UVM Components Diagram: Refreshing the diagram after full build or incremental build gets stuck in "Generating diagram..."

  • vscode-992 Content Filters do not work for linting failures

  • DVT-17509 False width mismatch warning when array operand has incorrectly computed integer overflow value

  • DVT-17524 Support for vlogan invocations when configuring the build configuration using +dvt_init_from_simlog

  • DVT-17877 Add support for range expression after concatenation

  • DVT-17945 Do not trigger ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for range select in array operand with incorrect computed dimension


  • vscode-707 Implement folding range on the server side

  • vscode-821 WaveDrom Diagrams: Display a message in the tooltip when wave description exceeds the limit of characters

  • vscode-871 Add preference to change inactive code background color

  • vscode-904 Check for mandatory -lang argument when using dvt_ls.sh and dvt_code.sh

  • vscode-905 Prompt for selecting project language support if no language is found inside build.ls or .project files

  • vscode-935 Wavedrom Diagram updates as you type

  • vscode-980 Switch to Java 11 for Linux ARM64 and macOS Apple Silicon

  • DVT-9379 Check completeness of struct assignment pattern

  • DVT-15941 Set a limit for the number of incrementally adaptive elaborated instances

  • DVT-17678 Add folding range for #region/#endregion block

  • DVT-17764 Add support for +defineall+ directive in xcelium.xrun compatibility mode

  • DVT-17863 Trigger error for duplicate constraint implementation

  • DVT-17897 Trigger error instead of warning for duplicate constraint

  • DVT-17911 Trigger a NON_STANDARD warning when detecting whitespace after line continuation in macros

  • DVT-17934 Improve recurrence detection for instances under generate block during elaboration

  • DVT-17935 Add option to configure the maximum recurrence depth for instances under generates

22.1.22 (2 August 2022)


  • DVT-17878 Slow incremental adaptive elaboration when changing package content referenced in many modules


  • vscode-793 Ability to "Open Log" from DVT Language Servers View

  • DVT-17428 Natural Docs definition list formatting in tooltips is not rendered correctly

  • DVT-17760 Support for time literals and time type in elaboration

  • DVT-17875 Support negative values for loop generate indices


  • DVT-14925 Incorrect recurrence detected for instances of the same design but with different parameter values

  • DVT-17834 Recurrence not detected at incremental elaboration

  • DVT-17837 Tick cast should preserve sign when casting at a specific size

  • DVT-17881 OutOfBoundsException thrown when selecting from an unpacked array

  • DVT-17886 Do not initialize static variable in constant function during elaboration

22.1.21 (21 July 2022)


  • vscode-944 Verissimo: Ability to rerun check


  • vscode-716 GUI freezes when the last match from the Verification/Design Hierarchy Views gets removed at incremental build

  • vscode-805 Design Hierarchy: Sometimes the view becomes empty after expand/collapse

  • vscode-926 JavaDoc tags are not highlighted

  • vscode-933 "Jump to Matching Pair" command has no effect for files opened during full build

  • vscode-937 Wavedrom diagrams are not generated for files opened during full build

  • vscode-947 Override methods: Sometimes overridden methods are not inserted at the current cursor position

  • vscode-950 Verissimo: "Run Failed Checks" option is not available even though project contains failed checks

  • vscode-951 Collapse macro expansion in files opened during full build has no effect

  • vscode-953 Edits are applied directly when using "Refactoring with Preview..." command

  • vscode-954 Report an Issue gets stuck in "Collecting data..." when no folder is opened

  • vscode-955 Report an Issue: OS info not collected

  • DVT-16701 Add support for %m format specifier when evaluating $sformatf

22.1.20 (11 July 2022)


  • DVT-17734 Improve semantic checking time for projects with many classes specialized with other identically named classes

  • DVT-17773 Improve performance for class value parameter computation at incremental build


  • vscode-795 Ability to activate / deactivate DVT support in a workspace

  • vscode-895 Report an Issue: Collect all available registry files / logs / bootstrap logs when no language server is active

  • vscode-942 Diagrams: Selecting wavedrom when invoking "Show Diagram" on register shows bitfield diagram

  • DVT-17675 Throw error for reversed part-select in SV expressions

  • DVT-17743 Perform automatic profiling of design elaboration after a configurable time threshold


  • vscode-648 Design Hierarchy/Verification Hierarchy scroll gets stuck after a sequence of actions

  • vscode-899 Verissimo: Unable to start a linting session over Remote-SSH when selecting a ruleset or waivers file via 'Browse File System...'

  • vscode-927 Verissimo: Diagnostics are not updated after rerunning checks

  • vscode-932 Verissimo: Opening check description displays default description even if customized

  • vscode-936 Override methods dialog should always allow implementing new(), pre_randomize() and post_randomize()

  • vscode-938 Update code templates to place cursor in the right position after insertion

  • vscode-943 UVM Components Diagram: "Hide unconnected ports" and "Hide blocks without ports" filters do not work properly

  • vscode-945 Verissimo: "Generate and Open HTML Report" has no effect if an HTML report is already opened

  • DVT-17583 Equality operators return X even when relation is not ambiguous

  • DVT-17770 False width mismatch error when local function variable operand has the same name with a module parameter

  • DVT-17777 UNELABORATED_PACKAGE warnings are sometimes not properly triggered at incremental build in the currently edited file

22.1.19 (28 June 2022)


  • vscode-721 Ability to start VS Code / VSCodium using dvt_cli.sh -vscode

  • vscode-806 Compile Order: Ability to show only files with errors

  • DVT-14954 Evaluate assignments where the LH side is hierarchical identifier

  • DVT-17602 Disable OUTPUT_PORT_READ check for SVA usages

  • DVT-17702 Support for anonymous union/struct nested inside packed struct in evaluation

  • DVT-17703 Rename NO_GENERATE_BLOCK_EVAL value of elaboration control directive to EACH_GENERATE_BLOCK_ONCE

  • DVT-17704 Add option to not elaborate generate blocks


  • DVT-17482 Wrong ILLEGAL_TYPE_REFERENCE error thrown for typedef of virtual interface inside interface function

  • DVT-17686 False UNDEFINED_OPERATOR error when assigning a byte unsigned array to a typedef compatible array

  • DVT-17695 Missing UNELABORATED_PACKAGE warning for imported package in unelaborated module

  • DVT-17699 Do not trigger ILLEGAL_NON_INTERFACE_VIRTUAL_FIELD error when the interface name is the same as an enclosing scope typedef declaration

  • DVT-17722 Semantic errors in unelaborated modules disappear at incremental build when no module is elaborated

  • DVT-17724 Semantic errors not updated throughout the whole project when changing the signing of a module signal

22.1.18 (15 June 2022)


  • vscode-843 Move trace log into a new console

  • vscode-893 Move server log and client log into separated consoles


  • vscode-728 Show server restart pop-up when changing .ls file

  • vscode-794 Periodically clean obsolete Language Server log files

  • vscode-838 Show server restart pop-up when changing server relevant preferences


  • DVT-14133 UVM Components Diagram: TLM port connections are not displayed when the component instance name does not match the field name

  • DVT-14835 Trigger DUPLICATE_IDENTIFIER warning when the bind target scope contains already a field with the same name as the bind

  • DVT-17658 Build gets stuck during elaboration of some macro defined struct data type parameters

  • DVT-17701 Support for assignment shift in evaluation

22.1.17 (8 June 2022)


  • vscode-395 Add support for Verification Breadcrumb

  • vscode-826 Add file decorators for compiled/encrypted/skipped files


  • vscode-471 Add "Step Into" action for UVM Components Diagrams

  • vscode-616 Triggering "Show Diagram" from Command Palette on a UVM component should ask for diagram type (UML or UVM Component)

  • DVT-17650 Extend support for bit vector system functions in evaluation


  • vscode-701 Sometimes "Open Design Breadcrumb Instance" selection is wrong

  • vscode-740 Design Breadcrumb: Wrong updates when opening instances from Design Hierarchy

  • vscode-741 Design Breadcrumb: "Select Other Design Breadcrumb Instance" command has no effect when the active editor contains a schematic diagram

  • vscode-801 Design Breadcrumb: Wrong updates when triggering 'Open Design Breadcrumb Instance'

  • vscode-828 Design Breadcrumb: Wrong updates when double clicking on a port from Design Hierarchy

  • vscode-837 Design Breadcrumb Navigation doesn't work if the current editor contains a design diagram

  • vscode-868 Sometimes "Jump to Matching Pair" command triggers unnecessary scroll

  • vscode-894 Starting a new Verissimo session using "Non-Standard Rules" ruleset runs "Basic Ruleset" instead

  • vscode-897 Sometimes "dvt_ls.bat is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" error is thrown on Windows

  • DVT-15358 No error reported when referring an enumerated type range base-name without specifying the index

  • DVT-17027 Incorrect enum literal value when specified with index from enum range

22.1.16 (31 May 2022)


  • DVT-17564 Improve evaluation performance of concatenation replication

  • DVT-17600 Improve semantic checking time for projects with many class specializations


  • vscode-841 Ability to pass build configuration arguments to dvt_code.sh and dvt_ls.sh using -f, -F, or -name.build args


  • vscode-845 Show pop-up to disable nature when only one language license is available

  • DVT-17587 Extended support for math system functions in evaluation


  • vscode-857 Verissimo: Build console is not cleared properly sometimes

  • vscode-859 Rebuild should not be stopped when the provided compile waivers file is invalid

  • vscode-864 Verissimo: Sometimes selecting waivers file results in "Invalid waivers file!"

  • vscode-875 Extension doesn't work over Remote-SSH when using VS Code Insiders

  • vscode-876 Report an Issue gets stuck in "Collecting data..." when using VS Code Insiders

  • vscode-877 Prompt for selecting the project nature is not always displayed when creating a DVT project starting from an empty directory

  • vscode-879 Prompt for selecting the project nature displays wrong information when specifying the -lang flag to dvt_code.sh

  • vscode-881 Unable to start Language Server if the project path contains whitespaces

  • DVT-17043 Packages imported in unelaborated package are considered elaborated

  • DVT-17588 Incorrect tooltip for parameter with no data type and unknown value

22.1.15 (18 May 2022)


  • vscode-872 Extension doesn't work over Remote-SSH throwing "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error

22.1.14 (17 May 2022)


  • DVT-17563 Improve performance of semantic checks in the unelaborated design


  • vscode-870 Change the id of DVT Themes to match their names


  • vscode-722 Add -map support for dvt_code.sh and dvt_ls.sh

  • vscode-768 Ability to reuse the current window when using dvt_code.sh from embedded terminal


  • vscode-804 A new Language Server is always started regardless the value of the DVT.languageServer.selection

  • vscode-863 Unable to start Language Server when the value of DVT.languageServer.launchCommand preference contains single quotes

  • DVT-17493 Incorrect UNELABORATED_MODULE warning after incremental elaboration for bound module

22.1.13 (9 May 2022)


  • DVT-17543 Deprecate dvt_elaboration_expression_operator_control build directive


  • vscode-761 Ability to see to how many problems a compile waiver was applied in the dvt_build.log file

  • DVT-17486 Build log/output should be consistent across tools

  • DVT-17492 Ability to skip elaboration of instances based on path pattern

  • DVT-17536 Change +dvt_elaboration_skip_modules directive to accept simple pattern

  • DVT-17554 Change dvt_disable_unelaborated_package_constants directive name to be in line with other similar directives


  • DVT-17533 Incorrect hyperlink for parameter default value when multiple package classes have parameters with same name

  • DVT-17538 Incorrect evaluation of $sformatf when format_string is missing

  • DVT-17540 Cannot evaluate streaming operator used on a queue

22.1.12 (3 May 2022)


  • vscode-839 Remove DVT.textEditor.highlight.enableSemanticHighlight preferences


  • vscode-759 Enhance highlight in VS Code predefined themes

  • vscode-823 Highlight the matching keyword when placing the cursor on "begin"/"end"

  • vscode-831 Add command for jumping to pair bracket or to matching begin/end block

  • vscode-840 Enhance DVT Light and DVT Dark themes

  • DVT-17182 Trigger warning for unsized constant number in bit concatenation


  • vscode-785 DVT Light Theme: Input boxes from the preferences page don't have borders

  • vscode-848 Running dvt_ls script without "-build" argument results sometimes in wrong nature detection

  • DVT-15936 Bound instance errors cleaned after incremental adaptive elaboration

  • DVT-17495 Bound instances are incorrectly removed at incremental adaptive elaboration

  • DVT-17504 When searching for a module, all its instances having similar name are also reported

22.1.11 (18 April 2022)


  • vscode-824 Sometimes Language Server becomes unreachable after expanding its entry in Language Servers View

  • DVT-14141 Semantic errors in `included files disappear when incremental build is performed in the including file

  • DVT-17440 Throw MISSING_PARAMETER_OVERRIDE error when no overrides are specified and the parameter has no default value

  • DVT-17489 Exception thrown when positional struct assignment pattern has more associations than the structure has fields

22.1.10 (12 April 2022)


  • vscode-374 Add support for Type Hierarchy


  • vscode-807 Show version in Diagnostics View

  • DVT-17360 Throw error for use of the class resolution operator with a prefix that is the unadorned name of a parameterized class

  • DVT-17372 Support for static access of class value parameter evaluation during elaboration


  • vscode-666 Sometimes views become empty after moving them in UI

  • vscode-671 Language Servers View: Client info should become empty after disconnecting from the server

  • vscode-753 Report an Issue: Remote host settings are not collected when using Remote-SSH

  • vscode-754 Do not apply automatic transformation of characters in comments

  • vscode-788 Design Hierarchy View: Sometimes context menu is not entirely visible in ports panel

  • vscode-789 Verification Hierarchy View: Sometimes context menu is not entirely visible in ports panel

  • vscode-800 Sometimes "Show Diagram" command displays a blank editor

  • vscode-813 Arrows from Compile Order / Design Hierarchy / Verification Hierarchy View are not rendered correctly in VS Code 1.66

  • vscode-818 Sometimes "'common.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file" error is thrown on Windows

  • DVT-17394 False SIGNAL_NOT_RESET warning for struct member

  • DVT-17438 Ignore localparam override in elaboration

  • DVT-17461 ConcurrentModificationException thrown sometimes at elaboration in a mixed design when a component binds to module with implicit signals

  • DVT-17471 Do not show BuildCancelException after canceling the elaboration

22.1.9 (30 March 2022)


  • DVT-17404 Ability to stop elaboration at a certain module or entity based on file path


  • vscode-719 Wrong syntax highlighting of arrays of events

  • vscode-749 Some comments from build configuration files are not properly highlighted

  • vscode-774 When disconnecting from an embedded Language Server, the server doesn't close immediately

  • vscode-778 NullPointerException thrown when invoking formatting on a build configuration file

  • vscode-779 "DVT: Change Languages..." command does not restart the Language Server with the new languages set

  • vscode-780 "DVT LS registry file could not be created!" warning is thrown in Log Console

  • vscode-783 Unable to start Language Server if the extensions-dir contains whitespaces

  • vscode-784 Sometimes "mkdir: can't create directory '"C:/': " error is thrown on Windows

  • vscode-786 Output of Custom Scripts run through dvt.custom.script command cannot be passed to other tasks

  • vscode-787 "DVT: Copy All Diagnostics" command is visible when the extension is not active

  • DVT-9433 Trigger error for incompatible array operands with signed vs. unsigned element types

  • DVT-17260 Incorrect WIDTH_MISMATCH warning when one of the operands is of union type

  • DVT-17382 Right argument of shifting operators should be treated as unsigned

  • DVT-17386 Evaluate signal select when passed to $bits system function call

  • DVT-17388 Evaluate uppercase 'X expression

  • DVT-17411 False OVERRIDE_VIRTUAL_METHOD error for type alias of method signature types

  • DVT-17417 Show Usages: String usage should be marked as writer when calling predefined write functions on it

  • DVT-17422 False NON_EXISTING_TYPE semantic error when mixing wildcard and explicit imports and exports

22.1.8 (15 March 2022)


  • DVT-17343 Improve semantic checks for project with many multi level class specializations


  • vscode-730 Ability to run DVT Custom Scripts as tasks, at startup and using dvt.custom.script command

  • vscode-744 Ability to push DVT environment variables to terminal and tasks

  • DVT-17389 License: Add support for inline string license sources

  • DVT-17390 License: Add support for platform independent license source separator &

  • DVT-17391 License: Add support for using a local license by multiple applications at the same time under the same user


  • vscode-706 Ability to trigger Override Methods command from Content Assist

  • vscode-715 Ability to configure the "name" and "local" arguments in the <build_name>.ls file

  • vscode-734 Ability to print the language server version using dvt_ls.sh version

  • vscode-772 Add extension scripts to integrated terminal's PATH

  • vscode-773 Point dvt_code.sh to running VS Code / VSCodium binary when running through integrated terminal

  • DVT-17183 Change warning message for unsized and unbased decimal numbers of 32 bits with sign overflow

  • DVT-17336 Correct evaluation of range select containing ambiguous value

  • DVT-17345 Limit maximum number of problems reported in the build log

  • DVT-17373 Change dvt_elaboration_loop_block_cutoff directive to elaborate at most the number specified of loop instances

  • DVT-17392 License: Send to the license server the client PID instead of the unused and dummy display value


  • vscode-713 Expanding macro in a separate file is not working sometimes

  • vscode-752 Content Assist: Generate setters/getters proposals are not displayed if the prefix is preceded by tabs

  • vscode-760 Waive error results in VS Code reload when using Remote-SSH

  • vscode-762 Extension should not be activated if the workspace folder is not a valid DVT project

  • vscode-767 A Language Server is started for a project found in the workspace state even when opening an empty VS Code

  • DVT-17216 False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT semantic error when the interface array of instances and the interface array port refer to interfaces in different libraries

  • DVT-17303 Implement Extern Method Content Assist: Javadoc comment not being generated

  • DVT-17333 Packed value does not change dimension when assigned to VHDL parameter from VLOG expression

  • DVT-17337 False NON_EXISTING_TYPE error when a class type starts with a type parameter in some cases

  • DVT-17346 No instance of a design should be considered changed at incremental if the design is not changed

  • DVT-17352 Incorrect signing positioned before type in function return type tooltip

  • DVT-17377 Module is incorrectly considered changed at incremental if it contains implicit signals

  • DVT-17378 Module is incorrectly considered changed if it has an import clause

  • DVT-17379 Remove support for signing before function return data type

  • DVT-17393 License: Fixed custom port support in local license sources

22.1.7 (2 March 2022)


  • vscode-743 Update getting started predefined projects

  • vscode-750 Silently pass through the dvt_code.sh prerequisites checks when ldconfig is missing

  • vscode-751 Sometimes the Language Server doesn't start on Windows throwing a PowerShell error about the "buffersize"

  • DVT-12402 Missing semantic error for '<scope1>::<scope2>' when scope1 is not a parent of scope2

  • DVT-16975 Trigger semantic error for unknown interface identifier used as prefix of exported modport function declaration

  • DVT-17321 False ILLEGAL_ASSIGNMENT warning when operands have different number of packed dimensions but are equals in size

22.1.6 (23 February 2022)


  • DVT-17262 Improve evaluation performance for range select updates

  • DVT-17284 Improve elaboration performance for instances with many port connections


  • vscode-710 Add settings to set environment variables visible to extension and to the extension started Language Servers

  • DVT-7043 Show available modules from libraries (-v, -y) in autoinstance

  • DVT-17312 Ability to relocate $HOME/.dvt using DVT_USER_DIR environment variable


  • DVT-17298 Add option to speed up elaboration in some cases by allowing more working memory

  • DVT-17304 Support for $increment, $high, $low system functions in elaboration


  • vscode-682 Verification Hierarchy View: Pressing Top/Bottom buttons after commenting instance results in an empty view

  • vscode-684 Verification Hierarchy View: Sometimes GUI freezes after clearing the search bar

  • vscode-689 Ability to generate Wavedrom diagrams on macOS Apple Silicon and Linux ARM64

  • vscode-711 Open a Predefined Project: Collect projects from locations defined using DVT_PREDEFINED_PROJECTS_EXT_* env vars

  • vscode-714 In some cases the wrong build name is saved in the registry leading to a "ResponseErrorException: InitializeParams.initializationOptions.buildConfiguration doesn't match the language server build configuration" when connecting to that Language Server

  • vscode-717 Move the registry lock file from temp folder to the registry folder to avoid conflicts

  • DVT-17130 Invalid MULTIPLE_PACKAGES semantic error when second declaration is imported after usage

  • DVT-17277 Incorrect actual value for package constant after incrementally changing its value

  • DVT-17279 Package constant UNRESOLVED_PARAMETER_VALUE warning disappears after incremental elaboration

22.1.5 (16 February 2022)


  • DVT-17252 Improved performance when evaluating pow with very large exponent


  • DVT-16973 Trigger error for non-checker instance inside program


  • vscode-702 Sometimes submenus from context menu are not entirely visible

  • vscode-704 Sometimes folding is not working properly

  • DVT-17218 Wrong refactoring rename operation when applied on a class with its header defined within a macro

  • DVT-17259 Incorrect UNDECLARED_MODULE warning squiggle underline in some cases

22.1.4 (8 February 2022)


  • DVT-17028 Improve elaboration tooltip for parameters with no actual value

  • DVT-17209 Show LM_PROJECT value in the license log


  • vscode-678 Design Breadcrumb is not working on Windows

  • vscode-680 URISyntaxException thrown on Windows

  • vscode-698 Code Lens: Triggering 'Show Constraints' results in error if the cursor is not placed on the rand variable

  • vscode-703 Highlight does not work for any other syntax except SystemVerilog and VHDL when using DVT color themes

  • DVT-17171 Rename Refactoring: Wrong potential match reported when renaming a module parameter

  • DVT-17181 No actual value displayed for changed parameter name after incremental adaptive elaboration

  • DVT-17210 Wrong hexadecimal string value displayed for parameter value

  • DVT-17214 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER semantic error for function call prior to explicit import declaration

22.1.3 (31 January 2022)


  • vscode-641 Content Assist: Generate getters/setters for a single field when writing the prefix of the field

  • DVT-17064 Handle macro value changes incrementally

  • DVT-17158 Extend +dvt_elaboration_disable_method_eval directive to class value parameter evaluation


  • vscode-676 Quick Fix: Add Port/Parameter doesn't work across languages

  • vscode-677 NullPointerException thrown when triggering hyperlinks on predefined element

  • vscode-687 Design Breadcrumb is not working if a definition hyperlink is triggered on an invalid element

  • vscode-693 Sometimes language detection does not work and a NullPointerException is thrown when -lang is not specified

22.1.2 (26 January 2022)


  • vscode-662 Diagrams: Depth preferences are sometimes wrongfully marked as disabled

  • vscode-663 Design Diagrams: Depth preference is wrongfully set in the interface

  • vscode-672 "Show Design Hierarchy" command triggers an error if the DVT activity wasn't focused before

  • vscode-673 "Show Verification Hierarchy" command triggers an error if the DVT activity wasn't focused before

  • vscode-674 Diagrams: Filters are not preserved when navigating through the diagram using the Design Breadcrumb

  • vscode-675 Wrong element indentation in view when using "Show Design Hierarchy" command on a non-top element

  • vscode-690 "Enable DVT" command throws exception when no workspace folder is opened

  • vscode-692 Some scripts are not working correctly when ANSI colors are always set for some system commands

22.1.1 (18 January 2022)


  • vscode-595 Ability to override functions from Command Palette

  • DVT-2463 & DVT-8579 & DVT-13533 Show the actual value of a parameter in its tooltip

  • DVT-14593 Trigger warning for unelaborated module/entity

  • DVT-14628 Show number of bits for value parameters when elaborated

  • DVT-14653 Show the actual value for an elaborated package constant

  • DVT-16742 Trigger warning for unelaborated package

  • DVT-17078 Changed default to true for the +dvt_enable_elaboration directive


  • vscode-636 Add preference to enable/disable inactive code highlight

  • vscode-638 Code Actions: Prefill the direction and width in Add Port QuickPick

  • vscode-654 Split self contained extension into multiple platform specific extensions

  • vscode-660 Ability to customize the number of diagnostics shown in Problems View

  • DVT-2513 Show module parameters in Design Hierarchy Ports View

  • DVT-4773 Generate design diagram based on evaluated expressions in generate blocks

  • DVT-6020 The "Show Design Hierarchy" action should be aware of the current design breadcrumb

  • DVT-7904 Show dimension for array of instances in design diagrams

  • DVT-8770 Support for bound instances in design diagrams

  • DVT-8936 & DVT-10066 Enhance multiple tops elaboration

  • DVT-11233 False WIDTH_MISMATCH warning when connecting a logic 0:0 vector to an implicit signal

  • DVT-12697 Design Breadcrumb should be cursor sensitive

  • DVT-13428 Trigger DUPLICATE_ELEMENT error for bound instances with the same name

  • DVT-14391 Non-standard support for simple target instance name non-local to the bind directive

  • DVT-14646 Jump to declaration for elaboration errors should set the breadcrumb to the relevant path

  • DVT-14702 Support for ordered parameter overrides in configuration rule

  • DVT-14704 Ability to control elaboration steps

  • DVT-14807 Elaborate defparam assignments

  • DVT-14809 Incremental elaboration should be performed only on changed designs

  • DVT-14930 Hyperlinks: Ability to jump to the assignment of a parameter

  • DVT-15181 Design Breadcrumb: Hyperlinking outside the design scope should accurately update the breadcrumb

  • DVT-15209 Elaborate newly added design one level on editor open

  • DVT-16638 Add build config directive for hiding irrelevant WIDTH_MISMATCH semantic errors

  • DVT-17079 Ability to stop the elaboration of a certain cell (i.e. module, entity) based on name

  • DVT-17080 Add option to skip defparam elaboration

  • DVT-17081 Add option to change the number of elaboration passes when resolving bind directives

  • DVT-17082 Add option to configure the cut-off number for elaborated loop blocks

  • DVT-17083 Trigger elaboration warnings for defective loop blocks

  • DVT-17084 Trigger error for invalid liblist when elaborating an instance

  • DVT-17085 Trigger elaboration error for configuration top with invalid design

  • DVT-17086 Trigger elaboration error for cycles in parameter evaluation

  • DVT-17087 Trigger elaboration error for duplicate tops

  • DVT-17089 Trigger elaboration error for bound instance directly under bound instance

  • DVT-17090 Trigger error for unknown array of instance range

  • DVT-17091 Trigger error for unelaborated bind directive target

  • DVT-17092 Trigger elaboration warning for unresolved parameter expression

  • DVT-17093 Trigger elaboration warning for unresolved enum name expression

  • DVT-17094 Trigger elaboration warning for parameter without value


  • vscode-596 Design Hierarchy View: Populate automatically when elaboration is on

  • vscode-597 Design Hierarchy View: Only the first top is shown when elaboration is on

  • vscode-618 Design Hierarchy View: Toggling elaboration results in an empty view

  • vscode-619 Compiled Files View: Active file is not revealed if it doesn't contain override annotations

  • vscode-629 Focusing Output Panel clears the Design Breadcrumb for the current editor

  • vscode-634 Unable to use some commands from Command Palette when the Output Panel is focused

  • vscode-649 UVM Components Diagram: Diagrams generated from file are not displayed after changing the theme

  • vscode-651 Diagrams: Sometimes preferences are wrongly marked as enabled/disabled

  • vscode-652 Code Actions: Refactoring proposals should be displayed only when invoking "Refactor..." command

  • vscode-659 TypeError thrown by when using the diagrams

  • vscode-661 Sometimes diagrams are not rendered

  • vscode-664 Missing permissions for remote extension files when using Remote SSH

  • vscode-667 Compiled Files View: Populate automatically when connecting to a Language Server

  • DVT-7217 Skip checking hierarchical accesses in design elements which are not instantiated

  • DVT-7231 & DVT-7575 Skip checking hierarchical accesses in generate blocks which are not active

  • DVT-10917 Design hierarchy is not correctly computed when using -top top_name and top_name not found

  • DVT-12030 False UNDECLARED_IDENTIFIER semantic error when accessing a signal of a local bound instance

  • DVT-12122 Instance is not bound when bind statement is found on a lower design hierarchy level

  • DVT-14810 Update Design Hierarchy view at incremental for generate condition change

  • DVT-14833 False UNDECLARED_TOP error for VHDL design (entity, configuration) in mixed project

  • DVT-14871 Resolve simple identifiers even in unelaborated designs and generates

  • DVT-16018 Quick Fix: Sometimes declaring a for loop iterator using Declare Variable doesn't place the new variable at the beginning of the scope

  • DVT-16491 Trigger semantic warning for signal width mismatch in instance port connections involving an interface instance signal

  • DVT-17050 Declare Port Quick Fix: Declared port width is not computed correctly

21.1.53 (22 December 2021)


  • vscode-626 Improve UI for Extract to module / Move selection to file

  • vscode-607 Show commands in Command Palette only when the context is valid


  • vscode-605 Go to entity/architecture declaration hyperlinks are not working when triggered from a Verilog file

  • vscode-621 Design Diagrams: "Show Connections" does not uncheck "Hide unconnected ports" in preferences dialog

  • vscode-622 "endinterface" keyword is not highlighted

  • vscode-630 Diagrams are not generated if the cursor is placed at the end of an element name

  • vscode-631 Language Servers don't start on Windows

  • vscode-632 dvt_code.sh does not support -lang argument

  • vscode-637 Sometimes Outline View becomes empty after undoing a Code Action

21.1.52 (14 December 2021)


  • vscode-550 Improve semantic highlight performance


  • vscode-391 Code Factory: Ability to create components

  • vscode-551 Code Actions: Add Port from selected field


  • vscode-485 Add preference for enabling/disabling build automatically

  • vscode-523 Ability to Show in Design Hierarchy

  • vscode-539 Ability to Show in Verification Hierarchy


  • vscode-445 Obsolete diagnostics are not cleared when +dvt_incremental_compile_checks directive is set to false

  • vscode-519 Signature Help is not available for module parameters

  • vscode-521 Files compiled out-of-scope are not displayed in Compile Order View

  • vscode-558 Inactive code background doesn't appear in the second view when the editor is split vertically

  • vscode-570 'file.associations' workspace preference should not be updated with default mappings

  • vscode-584 Workspace symbols semantic search provides wrong results

  • vscode-589 Override annotations tooltip should not contain the whole function signature

  • vscode-609 "Show Diagram" triggered from Command Palette does not work

  • vscode-612 Diagrams: Search navigation using the keyboard wrongfully jumps between matches after refresh

  • vscode-613 "Create New Waiver" webview buttons do not work

  • vscode-615 "generate" and "endgenerate" keywords are not highlighted

  • vscode-617 Report an Issue: Unable to send the report due to global state

  • vscode-620 Active editor should not revealed in Compiled Files View after full build if the view is collapsed

21.1.51 (6 December 2021)


  • vscode-569 Design Diagrams do not preserve their type when navigating through the breadcrumb

  • vscode-573 Diagrams: Toolbar navigation issue after performing a refresh operation

  • vscode-575 A new UVM Components diagram is generated every time even if it is already opened

  • vscode-580 Change the DVT WebViews custom menu component to the VSCode Look & Feel

  • vscode-581 Diagram toolbar buttons click box is too small compared with the size of the button

  • vscode-582 All "dialog" Webviews Panels should have the "dialog" buttons top-right

  • vscode-585 Illegal reflective access by ro.amiq.dvt.utils.DVTProcessRunner warning when using Java >8

  • vscode-590 Report an issue doesn't work

  • vscode-593 Schematic Diagrams: Applying filters resets diagram state

  • vscode-598 Design Diagrams: Breadcrumb navigation does not update diagram editor in elab mode

  • vscode-600 Diagrams do not adjust to resized view after zooming in/out

21.1.50 (23 November 2021)


  • vscode-526 Sometimes Design Hierarchy entries disappear on double click

  • vscode-559 Dark theme is not applied properly to Wavedrom/Bitfield diagrams in tooltips until the "Preference: Color theme" command is invoked

  • vscode-562 "Open a DVT Predefined Project" merges the project to location instead of overwriting

  • vscode-564 Report an Issue: View is not displayed properly when editor is split vertically

  • vscode-566 Report an Issue: Wrong busy indicator when canceling 'Save as Zip' operation

  • vscode-568 'file.associations' workspace preference should be merged instead of being overwritten

21.1.48 (16 November 2021)


  • vscode-527 Show feedback while saving/sending the issue report

  • vscode-546 Design Breadcrumb: Wrong updates sometimes when using hyperlinks

  • vscode-547 Changing preferences after performing "Show Connections" displays diagrams not fitted to canvas

  • vscode-561 Starting a new Verissimo session using "All (OVM) Rules" ruleset runs "Basic (OVM) Rules" instead

21.1.47 (8 November 2021)


  • vscode-514 Design Diagrams: 'Show Connections' should automatically zoom in on the diagram

  • vscode-543 Ability to use environment variables in dvt.languageServer.launch.command preference


  • vscode-541 Diagrams: Canvas is not properly cleared between actions

  • vscode-542 Sometimes registry files are not created before the client tries to connect to server

21.1.46 (2 November 2021)


  • vscode-522 Add support for tooltips in build configuration files


  • vscode-482 Sometimes context menu is not entirely visible in views

  • vscode-506 Design Breadcrumb: Pick the correct instance of a module when using 'Go to Source' diagram action

  • vscode-538 Design Breadcrumb: Some diagram actions do not update the breadcrumb

21.1.45 (26 October 2021)


  • vscode-491 Diagnostics positions are not updated after inserting whitespaces

  • vscode-503 Schematic Diagrams: Unable to show back the unconnected ports after hiding them

  • vscode-504 Wrong expand indication in Design Hierarchy View for the last element

  • vscode-505 Design Breadcrumb: Navigation Bar should clear after closing a Diagram Editor

  • vscode-511 'Show Diagram' from Design Hierarchy has no effect in some cases

  • vscode-513 Sometimes Report an Issue view is not properly displayed

  • vscode-515 FSM Diagrams: Highlighted cells in the transition table are not cleared between selections

  • vscode-516 FSM Diagrams: Context menu is not available for diagram selection in some versions of VSCode

  • vscode-518 Design Breadcrumb: Switching from Schematic Diagram to FSM diagram keeps an obsolete navigation bar

  • vscode-524 Verification Hierarchy: "Show Diagram" generates a new diagram for the same instance

21.1.44 (19 October 2021)


  • vscode-497 Ability to embed WaveDrom description files within comments


  • vscode-495 Cursor jumps to last edit when applying Add Port or Add Parameter quick fixes

  • vscode-496 "Move Selection to File" does not remove the selected section of code from the initial file

  • vscode-501 "Open a DVT Predefined Project..." command does not overwrite the existing folder

  • vscode-502 Double click on instance port with no connection in Design Hierarchy View should jump to port declaration

  • vscode-507 Some tooltips containing Bitfield Diagrams are not displayed in VSCode 1.60

21.1.43 (11 October 2021)


  • vscode-336 Add toolbar in Diagrams

  • vscode-439 Add search in Diagrams


  • vscode-470 Dark theme is not applied to Wavedrom and Bitfield diagrams inside tooltips when using custom themes

  • vscode-489 Same diagram is rendered in separate editors in elaboration mode

21.1.41 (27 September 2021)


  • vscode-381 Ability to jump to assignment


  • vscode-460 Verissimo: Wrong title when running "Open Ruleset Documentation" using a predefined ruleset

  • vscode-461 Verissimo: Wrong name when running "Open Ruleset File" using a predefined ruleset

21.1.40 (21 September 2021)


  • vscode-457 Ability to copy hierarchy path in Verification/Design Hierarchy View

  • vscode-459 Ability to automatically transform text while typing


  • vscode-456 Ability to expand/collapse macros in new file

  • vscode-466 Report an Issue: Restore user information (username, email, company) from previous session


  • vscode-442 Add empty state indicator in Design/Verification Hierarchy View

  • vscode-458 "Connect to a Remote Language Server" command has a too restrictive host name pattern

  • vscode-462 Unable to trigger rebuild from Command Palette

  • vscode-464 Dark theme is not applied to Wavedrom and Bitfield diagrams inside tooltips

  • vscode-465 Bitfield Diagrams: Register field table is not displayed correctly in the tooltip in VSCode 1.60

21.1.39 (15 September 2021)


  • vscode-3 Add dark theme

  • vscode-49 Add UVM Components Diagram

  • vscode-50 Add Semantic Highlight support

  • vscode-447 Ability to jump to pair bracket or to matching begin/end block


  • vscode-411 Design Breadcrumb: Accurate updates when navigating using hyperlinks

  • vscode-440 Ability to refresh diagrams


  • vscode-444 Diagrams should be updated after build events and when enabling/disabling Content Filters

  • vscode-452 Double click on top element in Verification Hierarchy has no effect

  • vscode-453 FSM Diagrams: Selection in diagram does not highlight transition table elements

  • vscode-454 Schematic Diagrams: Sometimes wires disappear when selecting enclosing block

  • vscode-455 Views become empty after starting a Verissimo session

21.1.38 (8 September 2021)


  • vscode-417 Ability to save diagrams

  • vscode-427 Code Actions: Extract Selection to Variable

  • vscode-428 Code Actions: Extract Selection to Method

  • vscode-435 Ability to show instances

  • vscode-438 Code Actions: Declare Extern Method Prototype


  • vscode-215 Add line wrap formatting preferences


  • vscode-415 Design Breadcrumb: Breadcrumb freezes when clicking on recurrence detected label

  • vscode-421 Design Breadcrumb: Wrong breadcrumb when generating a diagram from Design Hierarchy

  • vscode-434 Override annotations: Missing hyperlinks to overridden/shadowed elements

  • vscode-441 Design Breadcrumb: "Select Other Instance" updates the breadcrumb after switching editors

  • vscode-443 Inactive code background is not updated after incremental build

  • vscode-449 Inactive code background is not computed when opening a new file

  • vscode-450 Design Breadcrumb: Breadcrumb is not updated after full build if the editor is not focused

21.1.36 (30 August 2021)


  • vscode-282 Code Actions: Add support for Add Port/Parameter

  • vscode-351 Ability to Report an Issue

  • vscode-368 Ability to check DVT VSCode Status

  • vscode-397 UVM Sequence Tree View

  • vscode-407 Code Actions: Expand .* Port Connections

  • vscode-408 Code Actions: Extract Selection to Module

  • vscode-409 Code Actions: Split/Join to Extern and Implementation

  • vscode-425 Code Actions: Bind Method Call Arguments by Name/Position

  • vscode-426 Code Actions: Explicitly Declare Implicit Signal

  • vscode-429 Code Actions: Move Selection to New File


  • vscode-401 Migrate DVT Detached Servers view to an editor webview opened on request (command pallete)


  • vscode-422 Language Server becomes unresponsive after some idle time

21.1.35 (23 August 2021)


  • vscode-418 Code Actions: Change 'extends' to 'implements'

  • vscode-419 Code Actions: Change 'implements' to 'extends'


  • vscode-230 Ability to perform semantic search in Workspace Symbols


  • vscode-413 Problems View is not updated after connecting to a language server after full build

  • vscode-416 Design Breadcrumb: StackOverflowError thrown for design recurrences

  • vscode-420 Unable to navigate through Design Breadcrumb when a schematic diagram is open

21.1.34 (16 August 2021)


  • vscode-366 Code Factory: Ability to create wavedrom diagram

  • vscode-388 Code Factory: Ability to create instances

  • vscode-389 Code Factory: Ability to create signals

  • vscode-390 Code Factory: Ability to create testbenches

  • vscode-406 Code Actions: Connect instance ports by name/position

  • vscode-410 Code Factory: Ability to create logic signals


  • vscode-396 Show override/shadow indicators


  • vscode-94 DVT VSCode extension displays wrong file associations when the build configuration contains Mode Specific Directives

21.1.33 (9 August 2021)


  • vscode-283 Code Actions: Add support for Update Instance to Match Module Definition


  • vscode-364 Server should start on "localhost" instead of "any"

  • vscode-369 Ability to start a remote server listening on "any" interface

  • vscode-393 Find References: Add preference to show/hide non-type-matching references when searching for fields or methods of type-parameterized classes


  • vscode-399 Build output (console) should jump in focus instead of the log output (console)

  • vscode-412 Arithmetic Exception thrown when triggering content assist inside macro calls

21.1.32 (3 August 2021)


  • vscode-272 Add support for Verification Hierarchy View

  • vscode-340 Add ability to open including file


  • vscode-378 Find References: Add preference for showing/hiding function overrides


  • vscode-385 No Quick Fix Proposals available on diagnostics

21.1.31 (27 July 2021)


  • vscode-270 Ability to checkout read-only files when modified


  • vscode-301 Verissimo: Remove redundant code actions for failures

  • vscode-380 Verissimo: Automatically select the starting point of the new generated waivers


  • vscode-375 Verissimo: Unable to define new waivers by using Code Actions

  • vscode-376 Verissimo: Unable to open check description

  • vscode-377 Verissimo: Opening HTML Report gets stuck during loading

  • vscode-383 IllegalArgumentException thrown when publishing diagnostics

21.1.30 (20 July 2021)


  • vscode-232 Add support for Call Hierarchy

21.1.29 (12 July 2021)


  • vscode-372 Unable to start the server when the workspace folder is symlinked

21.1.28 (6 July 2021)


  • vscode-312 Ability to open Predefined Projects from an empty Explorer or using the command pallete

  • vscode-371 Ability to easily create a DVT Project from an empty Explorer or from an existing folder

21.1.27 (28 June 2021)


  • vscode-362 Diagrams are rendered in separate editors when performing some actions from the context menu

  • vscode-363 Schematic Diagrams: First "Go to Source" option not working when multiple instances are selected

  • vscode-365 Diagrams: Context menus overflow the container view

21.1.26 (22 June 2021)


  • vscode-311 Add syntax highlight in build configuration files

  • vscode-356 Add quick fix for missing file from build configuration files


  • vscode-359 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when computing "Expand Macro" code CodeLens

  • vscode-360 Bitfield Diagrams are not generated while a WaveDrom diagram is rendered

  • vscode-361 Bitfield Diagrams are not properly generated in some cases

21.1.25 (16 June 2021)


  • vscode-67 Add VSCodium in DVT distributions

  • vscode-338 Add FSM diagrams

  • vscode-350 Add dvt_ls.sh and dvt_code.sh scripts to support flow integration (Linux)


  • vscode-324 Add preferences for showing/hiding Code Lens

  • vscode-325 Ability to expand/collapse macros from context menu

  • vscode-339 Add preferences for diagram generation

  • vscode-348 Ability to navigate inside Compiler Order and Design Hierarchy search boxes using arrow keys

  • vscode-355 Ability to show constraints from context menu


  • vscode-347 When filtering Design Hierarchy by port name, the ports matching the query should be displayed at the top of the ports panel

  • vscode-354 Wrong active build configuration displayed in the status bar when trying to restore a non-existent build config file from the last session

21.1.22 (24 May 2021)


  • vscode-343 Unable to use Verissimo after applying waivers for failures or check

  • vscode-344 Extension is not activated after creating a new SystemVerilog file in a non-DVT project

  • vscode-346 Design Diagrams: Go to source action does not work for sequential and combinational logic

21.1.21 (18 May 2021)


  • vscode-345 Improve performance when selecting the active build configuration file

21.1.20 (17 May 2021)


  • vscode-328 Update Design Diagrams when navigating through the Design Breadcrumb

  • vscode-335 Add support for Design Diagram Actions

  • vscode-337 Add support for UML Diagram Actions


  • vscode-332 Wavedrom diagrams are not rendered inside tooltips due to a change in the VSCode API

21.1.14 (13 April 2021)


  • vscode-327 Ability to display Schematic Diagrams from Design Hierarchy

  • vscode-334 Mark as readers/writers the usages of class getters/setters when searching for a field class


  • vscode-331 Applying filters after changing the diagram type updates the initial diagram

21.1.13 (5 April 2021)


  • vscode-329 Content Filters are not applied on Compile Order View and Design Hierarchy View

21.1.12 (30 March 2021)


  • vscode-290 Add design Schematic, Flow and Block diagrams

21.1.11 (22 March 2021)


  • vscode-228 Add support for Design Breadcrumb

21.1.10 (15 March 2021)


  • vscode-309 Incremental build is not triggered automatically after save

21.1.9 (8 March 2021)


  • vscode-229 Add support for Design Hierarchy View


  • vscode-307 Verissimo: Wrongfully reported failures

  • vscode-308 Extension is not activated if the workspace does not contain any build configuration file

21.1.7 (22 February 2021)


  • vscode-306 After browsing the file system, validate the selected waivers and ruleset files when starting a new Verissimo session


  • vscode-304 When there are multiple Verissimo failures inside a macro call, only some of them are displayed

  • vscode-305 Display only valid waivers file when starting a new Verissimo session

21.1.6 (15 February 2021)


  • vscode-300 Starting Verissimo session using an invalid waivers file removes all problems from project

  • vscode-302 WaveDrom Diagrams: Diagrams are not displayed when reopening the editor

  • vscode-303 Bitfield Diagrams: Diagrams are not displayed for hex reset values

21.1.4 (2 February 2021)


  • vscode-296 Hyperlink to included file jumps to the wrong location

21.1.2 (18 January 2021)


  • vscode-280 Wrong errors reported when opening VSCode with unsaved files

  • vscode-292 Compile waiver updates are not always taken into account

  • vscode-293 UML Diagrams: Wrong font scaling of type names

  • vscode-294 Bitfield Diagrams: Tooltip displays wrong information when hovering over field label

  • vscode-295 Bitfield Diagrams: Selection not working when clicking over field label

21.1.1 (11 January 2021)


  • vscode-281 Add UML Diagrams

20.1.44 (21 December 2020)


  • vscode-202 Add support for Quick Fixes

  • vscode-284 Add Compile Order View

20.1.42 (4 December 2020)


  • vscode-44 Wavedrom and Bitfield Diagrams Integration

  • vscode-190 Use VSCode theme in Verissimo HTML Report

20.1.41 (20 November 2020)


  • vscode-264 When DVT_XXX_HOME variables are not set, fall back to known $DVT_HOME locations

  • vscode-279 Use VSCode theme inside Verissimo Rulepool Documentation

20.1.39 (9 November 2020)


  • vscode-277 Improve performance for tooltips with Wavedrom timing and bitfield diagrams


  • vscode-222 +dvt_build_log_file_location directive is not taken into account at full build

  • vscode-273 Rename Refactoring is not applied when previewing changes using diff

  • vscode-275 Defining compile waivers with other severity than DISABLED has no effect

  • vscode-276 NullPointerException in the Language Server when computing constraints of a variable

20.1.38 (30 October 2020)


  • vscode-145 Ability to start and connect to Detached Language Servers

  • vscode-258 Ability to set DVT_HOME and DVT_LICENSE_FILE variables in preferences


  • vscode-236 Show progress when computing References and Workspace Symbols

  • vscode-254 Refactoring is done in two steps, requiring user review, when encountering conflicts during rename


  • vscode-189 Verissimo HTML Report displays wrong URL for restoring the report state

  • vscode-269 Verissimo license is not checked-in when the Verissimo session is closed

20.1.37 (23 October 2020)


  • vscode-268 Rebuilding project after build was canceled is not working

20.1.36 (16 October 2020)


  • vscode-166 Add support for Selection Range


  • vscode-231 Display Wavedrom and Bitfield in tooltips


  • vscode-265 "Expand All Levels" Code Lens expands only the first level of macro

20.1.35 (8 October 2020)


  • vscode-263 Support for "Go to declaration" hyperlink


  • vscode-260 Verissimo rules do not appear in console when linting

  • vscode-261 Verissimo ruleset documentation does not change when creating a new session

20.1.34 (2 October 2020)


  • vscode-1 Content Assist: Add support for templates

  • vscode-2 Content Assist: Add support for auto-instantiation

  • vscode-235 Ability to show constraints of a variable using Code Lens

  • vscode-247 Add "Open Waivers File" option to open the active Verissimo waivers file

  • vscode-248 Add "Open Ruleset File" option to open the active Verissimo ruleset file

  • vscode-249 Add "Open Ruleset Documentation" option to open the HTML documentation of the active Verissimo ruleset

  • vscode-250 Ability to save and run Verissimo session configuration

  • vscode-251 "Generate and Open HTML Documentation" option to generate and open the Verissimo HTML report


  • vscode-252 Editor shouldn't split when using the "Open Check description" quickfix option

  • vscode-255 Wrong rename refactoring operation when applied on unsaved files

  • vscode-257 Hyperlinks to macros are not displayed in tooltips

20.1.33 (28 September 2020)


  • vscode-244 Automatic refresh of Outline, References and Problems is performed when changing VSCode preferences

  • vscode-245 Inactive code background is not updated after an incremental or a full build

  • vscode-246 Content Filters toggle button has no effect

20.1.32 (17 September 2020)


  • vscode-206 Ability to run Verissimo

  • vscode-218 Ability to jump to super implementation

  • vscode-224 Ability to jump to child implementation


  • vscode-204 Content Assist: Ability to specify JavaDoc comment for generated functions and tasks

  • vscode-243 Content Assist: Append context information after block end keywords


  • vscode-238 Content Assist: Wrong override proposals in classes containing more than 100 functions

20.1.31 (11 September 2020) Features

  • vscode-75 Ability to show readers/writers

  • vscode-129 Ability to expand/collapse macros from Code Lens

  • vscode-136 Content Assist: Ability to generate setters and getters


  • vscode-205 Content Assist: Incorrect indentation when overriding function

  • vscode-220 "Rename failed to apply edits" error on Windows

20.1.30 (3 September 2020)


  • vscode-197 Added support for workspace folders


  • vscode-119 Ability to configure formatting preferences for whitespaces, indentation and vertical alignment

  • vscode-212 Automatically reapply waivers when detecting changes in waivers XML file

  • vscode-214 Ability to switch between build configuration files from all workspace folders

  • vscode-221 Content Assist: Ability to override methods


  • vscode-209 NullPointerException when cancelling a hover request

  • vscode-219 "Unable to open resource" error when using hyperlinks on Windows

20.1.29 (28 August 2020)


  • vscode-199 Ability to configure auto-complete preferences


  • vscode-207 NullPointerException when triggering auto-complete inside `include "..."

20.1.28 (21 August 2020)


  • vscode-194 Improve performance for computing workspace symbols


  • vscode-43 Add hover support


  • vscode-70 Escape documentation of autocomplete proposals to Markdown syntax

  • vscode-186 Automatically start language server when creating a new DVT project

  • vscode-192 Throw "Operation unavailable" message when element which should be searched for couldn't be resolved

  • vscode-193 Rename refactorings should take into account allowPotentialMatches preference


  • vscode-195 Incremental build does not show syntactic errors in non-current file

  • vscode-196 Verissimo HTML report not opening when using custom name

20.1.27 (14 August 2020) Features

  • vscode-35 Ability to waive problems from Problems Tab

  • vscode-46 Add support for Rename Refactoring

  • vscode-152 Ability to define compile waivers


  • vscode-31 Ability to open file with failures by double clicking in Verissimo HTML Report

  • vscode-164 Format specifier autocomplete after % character

  • vscode-172 Add preference to allow Potential Matches for references


  • vscode-30 Icons in Verissimo HTML Report are not displayed on Windows

  • vscode-163 Content Assist: env vars are not shown as proposals in build config files

  • vscode-182 Rebuilding project after deleting waivers file does not update problem to its original severity

  • vscode-191 Verissimo HTML Report does not load completely sometimes

20.1.26 (30 July 2020) Features

  • vscode-154 Add support for "Go to Type Definition"


  • vscode-160 Language server immediately starts after installation regardless of the activation events

  • vscode-174 Extension does not start in projects with non-default build files

20.1.25 (24 July 2020) Features

  • vscode-113 Add support for "Signature Help"


  • vscode-153 Add support for hyperlinks in build config files

  • vscode-156 Ability to use hyperlinks in comments using @link and @see

  • vscode-159 Ability to auto-complete inside `include "..."

  • vscode-162 Add support for +dvt_incremental_compile_max_lines+ build config directive


  • vscode-73 Exception triggered by revealing tree item in Compiled Files View after build

  • vscode-151 +dvt_preprocess_translate_pragmas directive is not taken into account at full build

  • vscode-158 Auto-complete is working only in build configuration files with .build extension

  • vscode-161 Waivers generated by +dvt_auto_snps_vip_waivers build config directive are not applied

20.1.24 (17 July 2020) Enhancements

  • vscode-144 Added preference to automatically refresh Outline and References when Content Filters change

  • vscode-147 Ability to use user defined Content Filters (using content_filters.xml)


  • vscode-5 Selecting inactive code doesn't change the code background color

  • vscode-6 Inactive code background doesn't appear in second view when editor is split vertically

20.1.23 (9 July 2020) Enhancements

  • vscode-114 Ability to toggle Content Filters from Command Palette

  • vscode-150 Ability to switch between build configurations from Command Palette


  • vscode-4 Autocomplete should not give proposals when triggered inside comments

20.1.22 (8 July 2020) Enhancements

  • vscode-7 Ability to use hyperlinks on included files

20.1.21 (2 July 2020) Features

  • vscode-121 Ability to apply Content Filters on Problems


  • vscode-142 Types with children are not displayed in the Workspace Symbols

20.1.20 (25 June 2020) Features

  • vscode-96 Add support for Workspace Symbols


  • vscode-95 Ability to apply Content Filters on Outline View and Workspace Symbols


  • vscode-107 Outline View sometimes becomes empty while editing a file

20.1.19 (18 June 2020) Bugfixes

  • vscode-84 Selecting a namespace element from autocomplete proposals list makes no change in file

  • vscode-103 Cancel incremental build in progress for files compiled out of scope when closing them

20.1.17 (16 June 2020) Enhancements

  • vscode-92 Compile files out of scope when opening them

  • vscode-104 Auto-config projects that don't contain a default.build


  • vscode-102 Compiled Files view is sometimes out of sync when expanding it

20.1.16 (12 June 2020) Bugfixes

  • vscode-101 Wrong text edit for autocomplete proposals with replacement string containing $ character

20.1.15 (4 June 2020) Features

  • vscode-48 Add support for document symbols


  • vscode-61 Wrong content of document model when opening unsaved files in VS Code

  • vscode-99 Compiled Files View is not cleared when no file is compiled during build

  • vscode-100 NoSuchFieldException when triggering autocomplete in default.build

20.1.14 (28 May 2020) Enhancements

  • vscode-88 Check that DVT VS Code extension version is identical to DVT LS version


  • vscode-69 Wrong diagnostics for files compiled out-of-scope

  • vscode-81 Wrong hyperlink for instances

  • vscode-83 Incremental build triggered by inactivity time is performed only for the last edited file

  • vscode-85 CamelCase autocomplete does not work with macros

  • vscode-86 Hyperlinks don't work imediatly after opening large files

  • vscode-87 Wrong priority for autocomplete proposals starting with prefix

  • vscode-89 Open declaration of an argument from extern implementation jumps to prototype

  • vscode-90 Wrong "Starting rebuild..." message in status bar and "Build in progress" notification when triggering a rebuild after the language server failed to start

  • vscode-91 Autocomplete not working correctly after pressing enter at the end of a sequential block

20.1.12 (21 May 2020) Enhancements

  • vscode-8 Add support for autocomplete in default.build

  • vscode-10 Incremental build should update errors in default.build

  • vscode-78 Variable placeholders when inserting functions with arguments from autocomplete proposals


  • vscode-79 NullPointerException when triggering hyperlink on element with definition in another file

20.1.11 (15 May 2020) Features

  • vscode-47 Add support for references


  • vscode-65 Disable editor.quickSuggestions for System Verilog files


  • vscode-33 Auto-expand Compiled Files View after the full build is finished

  • vscode-66 Autocomplete proposals are not updated correctly while typing

  • vscode-74 Reveal files in Compiled Files View only when it is expanded

  • vscode-76 Wrong hyperlink for elements defined inside unsaved files

20.1.10 (11 May 2020) Bugfixes

  • vscode-40 Missing proposals in VSCode GUI

  • vscode-42 Missing return type in proposals labels

  • vscode-72 Wrong autocomplete edit when replacement string does not start with the prefix

20.1.9 (30 April 2020) Features

  • vscode-36 Logging console

  • vscode-37 Ability to trace messages between client and server

  • vscode-45 Code Formatting


  • vscode-21 Diagnostics for files compiled out-of-scope are not cleared when closing the files

  • vscode-28 Wrong "Starting rebuild..." message in Status Bar and "Build in progress" notification when triggering rebuild without licence

20.1.7 (10 April 2020) Bugfixes

  • vscode-34 Do not change selection of file in All Files View on hover on element in file

  • vscode-38 Open Declaration and Auto-complete not working on Windows when using absolute paths in default.build

  • vscode-39 Triggering Open Declaration moves focus on All Files View

20.1.5 (26 March 2020) Features

  • vscode-13 Ability to display Auto-Linked files in Explorer


  • vscode-29 Verissimo HTML Report is not opened in a webview on Windows

20.1.4 (20 March 2020) Bugfixes

  • vscode-22 DVT VS Code extension does not work on Windows

20.1.1 (21 February 2020)

  • Initial release