Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

11.3 Compare Example

Generating a compare report between current and baseline reports shows:

  • all the new failures

  • all the fixed failures

  • all the failures of new rules

  • all the failures of removed rules

  • all the common failures -gen_html_report -html_report_location /path/to/baseline_report -include_html_code -gen_html_report -html_report_location /path/to/current_report -include_html_code -compare_current /path/to/current_report/verissimo_html_report -compare_baseline /path/to/baseline_report/verissimo_html_report -map type+current_path_pattern1=baseline_path_pattern1 -map type+current_path_pattern2=baseline_path_pattern2

Note: The input reports must be generated using -include_html_code, this information will be used in accurately detecting the changed source code

Note Use -map for situations where the compared HTML reports have been generated on the same project, but in different locations. For example if the baseline report was generated for files in the folder /home/userA/path/to/baseline/project and the current report was generated for the same files, but in the following location /home/userB/path/to/current/project, then the mapping should be something like: -map PERL+.*/userA/path/to/baseline/.*=.*/userB/path/to/current/.* The supported types are PERL, GLOB, SIMPLE.

Note: The resulting report will be placed in the current directory in a verissimo_html_report folder. You can change the location using html_report_location.