Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

27.4 Breakpoints

When you launch a debug session or connect to an existing one, you have the option to use the Eclipse breakpoints, the Simulator breakpoints or merge them.

Double-click in the Editor to Add/Remove a Breakpoint

You can double-click on the vertical left bar of the editor to add/remove a breakpoint.

The Breakpoints View

Double click on a breakpoint to go to source file.

Check/uncheck a breakpoint to enable/disable.

Right-click to see breakpoint properties and change them.

A number of convenient actions are available in the Breakpoints View toolbar:

Show source file
Disable all breakpoints
Add new breakpoint
Synchronize breakpoints - in case you have discrepancies between DVT breakpoints and the simulator
Remove breakpoint
Remove all breakpoints

New Breakpoint (e Language Only)

Click on the Add new breakpoint button to create a custom breakpoint: you can use any legal breakpoint command.