Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

32.1 Comments Formatting

Comment formatting preferences allow you change how comments are rendered in tooltips.

You can choose the markup language used to render the comments from: Window -> Preferences -> DVT -> Editors.

Available options are: Javadoc, Natural Docs, Verbatim and Autodetect.

  • Javadoc: Comments are always rendered using Javadoc markup language.

  • Natural Docs: Comments are rendered using Natural Docs markup language.

  • Verbatim: Comments are rendered as they are.

  • Autodetect: Automatically selects between Javadoc and Natural Docs for each comment based on the syntax. If no syntax is detected, the comment will be rendered Verbatim.

Note: Comments using both markup languages are not supported, they will be rendered using one of the markup languages.