Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

3.8.3 Configure the Build

In order to provide advanced functionality (like hyperlinks, autocomplete, design and class hierarchy, error signaling, etc.) DVT analyzes the source code files in your project. This analysis process is called build.

In order to build, DVT uses the arguments that you specify in one of the <name>.build files located in the .dvt folder of your project.

The default build configuration is .dvt/default.build. Here you list compilation directives in a similar way you would pass arguments to any simulator.

When a project is created using the New DVT Project Wizard, the default build configuration file contains the +dvt_init_auto directive, that triggers the DVT auto-config mechanism. For more details, see Auto-config.

The DVT auto-configuration algorithm automatically detects and analyses existing Intel(Altera) Quartus or Xilinx ISE/Vivado projects in the project root directory to generate a build configuration. For more details, see FPGA Support.

If no source code files are found for compilation, you'll be notified there is nothing to build.

To configure the build follow the link in the build notification dialog or open the .dvt/default.build file.

For more details see Build Configurations.