Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

22.6.1 Connect Instances Using New Ports

In order to connect two entity instances using new ports, you must specify the output instance (the signal source) and the input instance (the signal destination). New ports will be created across the design hierarchy as needed, in order to propagate the signal.

  1. Press the Select Top button and pick one of the available design tops.

  2. Right click on an instance and select Connect Output from the context menu.

    The output instance is presented in the Refactoring Connect View Output textbox:

  3. Select another instance, right click and Connect Input.

    The input instance is presented in the Refactoring Connect View Input textbox along the previous set output instance:

  4. Press Compute Changes button.

  5. You can choose Diagram Preview to see the design affected by the refactoring operation or Code preview to see the source code changes.

  6. Press the Connect button in order to perform the changes.

Note 1: You can undo the whole refactoring operation using the application menu Edit -> Undo.

Note 2: You can select the output/input instances from editor right click menu Refactoring -> Connect Output / Connect Input.