Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

Chapter 8. Content Filters

Apply Content Filters to remove irrelevant information displayed in views. See Content Filters Examples for a list of use cases and examples.

Toggle the content filtering functionality (on/off) with this toolbar button: .

All views have a special indication that is:

  • enabled if some content has been filtered

  • disabled if no content has been filtered or content filters off

For example in Types View:

By default, elements from the UVM, OVM and VMM libraries are filtered. See Predefined Content Filters for details.

You can define custom Content Filters in the .dvt/content_filters.xml file. To quickly create .dvt/content_filters.xml with some example filters, right click on the project and go to New > Example... then DVT Examples > DVT Content Filters XML. See Content Filters XML syntax.