Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

32.4 DVT Resource Monitor

You may experience Eclipse Platform slow-downs when project directories contain a large number of files and directories (10s of thousands), either directly or via linked resources, especially when working with slow network mounted filesystems.

The solution is to filter out the resources that you don't need in DVT - log files, generated documentation, regression run results etc.

Filtered directories are hidden from the Project Explorer View so that the Eclipse platform does not scan/allocate resources for them.

The DVT Resource Monitor runs seamlessly in the background, detects directories which might cause slow downs and displays a notification in the top right corner of the editor:

Click the right "Update the DVT Resource Filters Now" button in the notification to automatically create exclusion filters for problematic directories.

Click the left "+" button in the notification to inspect the list of problematic directories.

Click on a project name to open the project's DVT Resource Filters dialog.

By default, directories containing more than 500 children or with an access time of more than 6 seconds are proposed as problematic.

Click on Configure to open the Resource Monitor preference page, also accessible via menu Window > Preferences > DVT > Resource Monitor.

Note: Filtered directories are not touched on the filesystem.

Note: Directories containing source files and configuration files (.dvt, .project, .buildpath, .classpath, .cproject, .project, .pydevproject, .settings) will never be marked as problematic.