Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

31.5 Examples

To understand how settings from all levels are merged we can use the following layout for common, user and project levels:

> common_settings/
   > waivers.xml
   > preferences.ini
   > eclipse.ini
   > run_sim.launch

> user_settings/
   > preferences.ini
   > run_compile.launch

> project/
   > .dvt/
   > ...........
      > waivers.xml

DVT is invoked using the following command:

dvt.sh -heap_size 4096m

For the above example DVT will start using the flags specified in the common level eclipse.ini but the memory allocation threshold will be the one specified in the command (4096 MB) because the command line arguments have precedence.

The DVT session will contain the run_sim run configuration and also the run_compile run configuration because these are accumulated from all levels.

Workspace preferences will result from merging the preferences.ini from both common and user levels but if there are any conflicts the user level preferences will have precedence. Non-conflicting preferences are accumulated from both levels.

When operating on the opened project, the compilation problems will be waived using the accumulated waivers from common level and project level (project/.dvt/waivers.xml).