Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

Chapter 25. Export HTML/PDF Documentation

To generate HTML or PDF Documentation click on Specador -> Generate Documentation... menu entry (requires a Specador license). This action will bring-up a dialog for specifying settings:

1. Common Settings Tab

  • Specify the documentation title, author and copyright notice

  • The output directory - target directory where the documentation will be placed

  • Select the output format of your documentation (HTML | PDF)

  • Option to include the API source code

2. Advanced Settings Tab

  • Option to create a custom Table of Contents

  • Select the comment formatter or apply comment filters

  • Names Filter - exclude types names that match these filters

  • Paths filter - exclude files from documentation

3. API Settings Tab

Check which kind of API and which packages to include in the documentation.

4. Diagrams Settings Tab

Check which kind of diagrams you want to include in the documentation.

NOTE: It is recommended to perform a full build before exporting the documentation.

NOTE: For more informations check out the Specador User Guide.