Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

31.6.3 Other Settings

There are another two places where DVT can store information.

  • $HOME/.dvt.gtkrc file is used to store GTK Theme settings on linux platforms. Since Eclipse Platform 3.x doesn't support themes, the feature uses this file to store the information about the colors. This file exists because the GTK hooks are done in the scripts before the platform is up. Be aware that GTK Theme settings are common between all DVT instances of that user.

  • $HOME/.eclipse directory can hold two things:

    • The Eclipse key ring settings, in case that any passwords are saved in DVT (e.g. CVS, SVN,... plugins can use passwords that can be protected with a master password).

    • User installed plugins when it uses a global installation (DVT directory is read only)/