Rev. 24.1.15, 10 July 2024

Chapter 2. Predefined Projects

The predefined projects capability allows you to quickly access pre-configured project repositories. For example training labs or golden reference projects or projects that you commonly use.

DVT searches for predefined projects in the directory indicated by the $DVT_PREDEFINED_PROJECTS system variable. In order to support directories spread on the disk, DVT also scans all directories indicated by any other system variable whose name starts with $DVT_PREDEFINED_PROJECTS_EXT_.

For example, if you installed DVT from a distribution, by default $DVT_PREDEFINED_PROJECTS points to $DVT_HOME/predefined_projects. This is a project repository that you can use to explore the DVT features without the initial effort of configuring a project.

At any time, if you wish to change the default location, you just need to point $DVT_PREDEFINED_PROJECTS to another location. Or add another pre-configured projects repository by pointing $DVT_PREDEFINED_PROJECTS_EXT_MY_NEW_REPOSITORY to it.

For example if you installed DVT as a plug-in on top of an existing Eclipse installation, $DVT_PREDEFINED_PROJECTS is unset. But you can download the predefined projects separately, and point the system variable to the folder where you extracted the predefined projects.

Opening a Predefined Project

To open a predefined project use the Predefined Project Wizard by selecting File > New > Example... then DVT Examples > DVT Predefined Project.

You can also open the wizard from the DVT Project Wizard by clicking on the Predefined Projects link:


In the wizard's main window you can select the predefined project and the target directory. A copy of the selected project will be placed in the target directory. Keep in mind that:

  1. The target directory must not be a parent of or inside of the eclipse workspace path

  2. The target directory must be writable

  3. The selected project must not exist in the current workspace

  1. Quick filter - by project name;

  2. Available predefined projects;

  3. A short description of the selected project;

  4. If you want to change the default target directory (by default is the $HOME/dvt_predefined_projects_target );

  5. Override target directory (if it already exists)

  6. A message dialog will pop up, with info about all $DVT_PREDEFINED_PROJECTS & $DVT_PREDEFINED_PROJECTS_EXT_* environment variables (indicates the directories where DVT scans for predefined projects); See the picture below:

If all the settings are correct, click Finish.