Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

12.9 Preferences Keys

Formatting preferences are serialized as key-value pairs, by default under $DVT_USER_SETTINGS/preferences.ini.

The Settings Management mechanism allows you to reuse such preferences across your group, team, company.

Preference Name Details Preference Key Default Value
AttributesControls the attributes capitalization: Leave as is (1), All upper case (2), All lower case (3). ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.capitalization.attributes1("Leave as is")
Data TypesControls the data types capitalization: Leave as is (1), All upper case (2), All lower case (3). ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.capitalization.data_types1("Leave as is")
KeywordsControls the keywords capitalization: Leave as is (1), All upper case (2), All lower case (3). ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.capitalization.keywords1("Leave as is")
Add whitespace afterSpace separated list of tokens to add whitespace after.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.whitespace.add_after-
Add whitespace beforeSpace separated list of tokens to add whitespace before.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.whitespace.add_before-
Compact whitespace groupsWhen enabled, consecutive whitespace characters are trimmed to a single space character.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.whitespace.compactfalse
Compact consecutive empty linesControls whether to compact consecutive empty lines.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.whitespace.compact_consecutive_empty_linesfalse
Maximum number of consecutive empty linesMaximum number of consecutive empty lines that can appear in a file.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.whitespace.maximum_nof_consecutive_empty_lines1
Insert spaces for tabsWhen enabled, indentation will use space characters, otherwise tabs will be used.org.eclipse.ui.editors/spacesForTabsfalse
Tab widthControls the size of a tab in spaces.org.eclipse.ui.editors/tabWidth4
Trim end of line whitespaceWhen enabled, end of line whitespace is deleted.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.whitespace.trim_end_of_linetrue
Trim whitespace linesWhen enabled, whitespace line are deleted.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.whitespace.trim_whitespace_linetrue
Don't increase the indent level onThis option allows you to control which language constructs should increase indentation.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.indent.no_indent_keywords-
Don't indent single line comments at first columnWhen enabled, single line comments that start at column zero are not indented.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.indent.preserve_sl_comment_column_zerotrue
"then"Affects the "then" keyword placement: Leave as is (1), On a new line (2), On the same line (3). ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.indent.begin1 ("Leave as is")
Ignore lines starting withSpace separated list of line prefixes. A line starting with one of the prefixes is completely ignored, that is it is not indented, nor it contributes to indentation.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.indent.ignore_lines-
Indent multi-line commentsWhen enabled, multi-line comments are indented.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.indent.multiline_commentstrue
ParametersAffects port, generic, map, function and procedure elements: Leave as is (1), One per line (open parenthesis on the same line) (2), One per line (open parenthesis on the next line) (3), More per line (4). ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.indent.params1 ("Leave as is")
More per line if less thanControls whether to place parameters on the same line when their number does not exceed a certain value and the Parameters preference is set to One per line (open parenthesis on the same line) or One per line (open parenthesis on the next line). ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.indent.more_per_line_if_less_than_enablefalse
More per line if less than thresholdMaximum number of parameters that can appear on a line when More per line if less than is enabled. ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.indent.more_per_line_if_less_than_threshold5
Vertical Alignment    
Enable vertical alignWhen enabled, this option performs vertical alignment.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.vertical_alignfalse
Only consecutive linesWhen enabled, only consecutive lines (lines that follow each other or are separated by comment lines) are vertically aligned.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.vertical_align.consecutive_linesfalse
Vertical align patternsVertically align code using patterns: Constant Declarations, Port Declarations, Record Declarations, Signal Declarations, Variable Declarations, Variable, Signal, Constant Declarations'. ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.vertical_align.vregex-
Vertical align single line commentsWhen enabled, single line comments are aligned.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.vertical_align.sl_commentsfalse
Vertical align to open parenthesisWhen enabled, vertical align to open parenthesis.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.vertical_align.parenfalse
Vertical alignment tokensThe lines of code inside the same scope are aligned by the specified comma separated list of vertical alignment tokens.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.vertical_align.tokens\=,<\=
Line Wrapping    
Enable line wrappingWhen enabled, this option splits the lines of code that exceed the specified number of characters.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.line_wrapfalse
Line widthNumber of characters on a line after wrapping the line.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.line_wrap.threshold80
Wrap multi line commentsControls whether multi-line comments are wrapped.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.line_wrap.ml_commentsfalse
Wrap single line comments and move above when neededControls whether single line comments are wrapped and moved above the code.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.line_wrap.sl_commentsfalse
Format code using external programWhen enabled, all other code formatting options are disabled and code formatting is performed using the given command.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.externalfalse
Format commandThe command used to perform code formatting when `Format code using external program` is enabled.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.external.commandformat_code %f
Post-format code using external programWhen enabled, the code is post-formatted using the given command.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.post_externalfalse
Post-format commandThe command used to perform code post-formatting when `Post-format code using external program` is enabled.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.post_external.commandpost_format_code %f
Pre-format code using external programWhen enabled, the code is pre-formatted using the given command.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.pre_externalfalse
Pre-format commandThe command used to perform code pre-formatting when `Pre-format code using external program` is enabled.ro.amiq.vhdldt/format.pre_external.commandpre_format_code %f