Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

Chapter 31. Settings Management

DVT allows you to customize various settings from memory allocation thresholds to run configurations or editor specific preferences like tab width and code templates.

Starting with version 3.5, DVT provides an out of the box mechanism that simplifies settings management.

Settings are organized in several precedence levels in order to allow a fine-grained control:

  • Project level settings are stored in <project>/.dvt directory

  • User level setting are stored by default in $HOME/.dvt/settings, the location can be customized using $DVT_USER_SETTINGS system variable

  • Common level settings are not stored by default, the location can be customized using $DVT_COMMON_SETTINGS system variable

The order of precedence (starting with the higher one) is:

  • Project level

  • User level

  • Common level

In order to reuse a specific setting, for example from project level to user level, all you have to do is copy it from the project level specific file to the user level specific file. In similar way you can move settings from user to common level for team or company wide reuse.