Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

32.16.9 Tasks View

You can embed reminders in your source files by adding comments prefixed by certain "keywords" called task tags.

There are three predefined tags:

  • FIXME - high priority

  • TODO - normal priority

  • XXX - low priority

All reminders are listed in the Tasks View. If it is not visible, open the view from menu Window > Show View > Other > General > Tasks.

Double click on a task to jump to the marker definition.

You can define custom reminder tags and assign them priorities:

  • Navigate to Window > Preferences > DVT > Task Tags

You can specify if the tags should be considered case-sensitive and if the tag name should be displayed in Tasks View.

  • Click the Add... button on the right, enter the name of your tag and select its priority

  • Click OK in the New Task Tag and Preferences dialogs

DVT will recognize the new tag and highlight it in code comments.

Note: it is recommended to rebuild the project so that DVT rescans all files for reminders.