Rev. 24.1.10, 14 May 2024

31.4 Use Cases

Using the same settings across all workspace and projects can be achieved by configuring the corresponding file and adding it in the user location (where $DVT_USER_SETTINGS points to).

To share the settings with other users you must put the setting files in a common location and set $DVT_COMMON_SETTINGS to that location.

A recommended work-flow for sharing any type of settings with other users is:

  1. Start DVT in a clean workspace

  2. Customize preferences

  3. Define run configurations, compile waivers, etc. on a reference project and move the corresponding files in the user location (available under DVT-Settings/user)

  4. Close DVT and move the files from the user location to a common location where all users can point the $DVT_COMMON_SETTINGS system variable