Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

26.1.3 Using environment variables in DVT Generic Run Configurations

Environment variables can be set in the following ways:

  • in the shell where DVT was launched

  • using the +dvt_setenv+ directive in the project's build configuration file (.dvt/default.build) - see Environment Variables

  • from the Environment tab of the Run Configurations dialog (menu Run > Run Configurations)

  • directly within the command getting executed, for example: sh -c "env PROJECT_DIR=${project_loc} iev -f ${project_loc}/iev/iev.f -c".

To ensure that an environment variable ENV_VAR is expanded correctly, use the simple $ENV_VAR notation.

Use the enclosing curly brackets ${ENV_VAR} notation only for Eclipse specific variables. You can find a list of these here.