DVT IDE for VS Code VHDL User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

Chapter 5. Compile Checks

The DVT internal builder performs various checks on the source code.

  • Syntax Checks indicate wrong syntax according to the IEEE standard, for example typos like 'etity' instead of 'entity' when declaring an entity. Syntactic checking is the first level checking performed on the code during parsing.

  • Semantic Checks indicate wrong semantic according to the IEEE standard, for example calling an undefined procedure 'foo()'. For performance reasons, not all semantic checks are performed at once. A subset is performed during full or incremental compilation. The complete set of checks is performed on demand, when explicitely triggered.

  • Naming Convention Checks indicate violations of naming convention rules. DVT comes with default rules which can be customized or replaced with user specific conventions.

  • Non Standard Checks indicate syntax or semantic that is not standard, although some simulators support it. Non standard syntax is the result of legacy or additional language capabilities that may get into future standard releases.

Check failures are signaled as compile problems, with the error or warning severity. The compile problems are presented in the Problems View. For performance reasons not all compile problems are visible at once in the Problems View.

You can use Compile Waivers to change the severity (promote/demote) or disable the problems reported by DVT during build.