DVT IDE for VS Code VHDL User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

16.1 Design Breadcrumb

The Design Breadcrumb Navigation Bar appears as an item in the Status Bar for source code editors and Design Diagrams.

For source code editors, it displays the path to the design element (module or entity) under the cursor starting from the design top. For Design Diagrams, it displays the path to the diagram's design element. The breadcrumb displays the last 3 segments of the design path. To see the entire design hierarchy path hover over it.

The design hierarchy path is automatically tracked by DVT, for example when navigating from the Design Hierarchy View to source code, when using hyperlinks, when generating diagrams and so on. By clicking the Design Breadcrumb Navigation Bar in the Status Bar, or by using the DVT: Design Breadcrumb Navigation... command you can navigate up and down the hierarchy. The current element is marked with an arrow.

By clicking on a design element you can either jump to the design element definition (from source code editor) or generate the design element diagram (from Design Diagrams).

To copy the hierarchy path use the command DVT: Copy Design Breadcrumb Hierarchy Path.

A design element may have multiple instances with different paths in the design hierarchy. If this is the case, an (M) indicator will be displayed in the breadcrumb. Use the DVT: Select Other Breadcrumb Instance... command to choose from the available paths.

To jump to an instance definition use the DVT: Open Design Breadcrumb Instance command.