DVT IDE for VS Code VHDL User Guide
Rev. 24.1.12, 12 June 2024

2.2.4 Status Bar

A Status Bar item is a flexible contribution point that allows to display text, icons and also run a command upon clicking one. The following items are contributed by DVT:

Content Filters Item

Toggles on/off the Content Filters. For more information, see the Content Filters chapter in the documentation.

Breadcrumb Navigation Bar Item

Displays the path to the current design/verification element starting from the design/verification top. Upon clicking it opens the Breadcrumb Navigation Menu at the top of the Editor. For more information, see the Breadcrumb Navigation Bar chapter in the documentation.

Request Processing Item

Displays a loading icon when the current Language Server is actively processing a request.

Memory Monitor Item

Warns when the operation in progress is significantly slowed down by low memory or a memory starvation. For more information, see the Memory Monitor chapter in the documentation.

Database out of Sync Item

Warns when the Language Server database is out of sync and requires user attention. For more information, see the Database Out of Sync Notification chapter in the documentation.

Heap Indicator Item

Displays the heap status of the current Language Server. This item can be enabled/disabled by using the DVT.languageServer.showHeapStatus setting.

Verissimo Item

Informs that a Verissimo session was started. Upon clicking, it opens the Verissimo menu.

Active Build Configuration Item

Displays the current in use build configuration file. Upon clicking, it opens a picker that allows to select another build configuration file. For more information, see the Build Configurations chapter in the documentation.

License Status Item

Displays information about the current state of the license upon hovering. For more information, see the License chapter in the documentation.