Specador Documentation Generator User Guide
Rev. 24.1.10, 14 May 2024

5.2 Menu File

The user has the ability to define a custom Table of Contents using the index argument:

   specador.sh -index /path/to/custom/index/description

The description file must follow the Sphinx index file format. Additional user documentation paths must be provided using the attach argument:

   specador.sh -attach <file_or_directory_path_1> -attach <file_or_directory_path_2>

The Table of Contents below:

was generated from this description:

   Emac API Specification

   .. toctree:: 
      :maxdepth: 5


   .. toctree:: 
      :maxdepth: 2
      :caption: API DOCUMENTATION


Note: The XML preferences file properties can be used to replace -index and -attach, with its own properties, when running specador.sh script.