Laurent Martin-Borret

DVT Eclipse IDE is the essential tool for functional verification. I first started using it 10 years ago, for e language first, then for SV-UVM. For sure I couldn’t live without it!

It brings major features that increase quality & productivity when building or browsing verification code: on-the-fly code compilation, hyperlinks, auto completion… and this is just the beginning of the list! How painful is it to rename a widely used SystemVerilog class? It is just a matter of seconds with DVT!

DVT is a quite high quality tool, so you don’t often need to get in touch with support. But when you do get in touch with Amiq guys, you get reactive & efficient support: no useless calls or mail exchanges, they just immediately understand your request, provide an immediate workaround if needed and a fix in a more than acceptable timeframe.

It is always a pleasure to work with Amiq.