Frederic Antonin

FPGA System Architect | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

There are 2 things in my mind that makes DVT IDE such a great product.

First, the support is just exceptional. They will get back to you very quickly, often the same day, but more important all the people I interacted with have deep technical knowledge of not only the DVT IDE tool, but also Verilog and tool flow. It’s very refreshing to talk to someone who understands what you do.

This brings me my second point. It feels that tool is designed by people who have done complex digital design and understand how to make the designer more productive with a long list of smart assists. The seamless navigation, visualization and signal tracing are so useful when trying to understand someone else’s design.

Aleksey Sushanov

ASIC Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

For years I used DVT IDE for Eclipse for Specman/e Language and SV-UVM projects and some months ago I found VSCode with DVT IDE extension and loved it (in pair with SSH Remote). As for me, nowadays DVT IDE is the most advanced tool for System Verilog and Verification needs to be used with VSCode. Some features might be slightly overweight or complex to setup, but even without doing this it adds productivity while working with design or test bench.

Valerii Dzhafarov

Hardware Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I am a Verification Engineer and work with complex UVM testbenches. One of my colleagues advised me to try AMIQ’s DVT IDE 3 years ago. I used both a trial license and company license, and since then I am a user of DVT IDE. My main tool now is VSCode with DVT extension.

1) Minimal effort to start + Detailed documentation.
2) Out-of-the-box configuration options for different vendors (including the biggest 3)
3) Fast compilation and elaboration
4) On the fly compilation checking as you type
5) The DVT IDE fully understood correctly the VIPs developed using DPI-C models, with a few rare exceptions.

1) You cannot buy a personal license for yourself, if your company doesn't want or cannot buy a tool.

Brian Chen

Design Verification Manager

For a complex structure like UVM, which contains many inherited classes, the use of DVT IDE can facilitate trace code, which can save a lot of time for those who are not familiar with UVM architecture. In addition you can also graphically show the hierarchy structure of UVM structure and the analysis port used between transactions, which make the concept that is not intuitive easy to understand. In addition, it can also directly apply templates of many commonly used procedural blocks, functions, tasks, etc., which can save a lot of manual typing time. Overall, I think DVT IDE is very powerful for the DV team to develop the uvm environment.

Michael Rayman

Senior Design Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

The DVT IDE has been great! I found bugs in someone else's code when I wasn't even looking for them.

Scott Wu

Design Verification Manager

This is first time our team uses DVT Eclipse IDE for SystemVerilog. It is very useful for us to quickly get familiar with the UVM enviornment. It allows us to easily trace the UVM library, especially when using the UVM framework. By using hot keys, it is easy to find function/task usages and to find items in sequence item and virtual interface. We are very satisfied with the support from AMIQ's team.

Rajendran Munuswamy

ASICs/SOC Physical Design Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

I was looking for subsystems modeling and simulation in the FPGA environment for control-serial-protocols and bus protocols through APB, AHB, AXI, which eventually led me to learn about UVM-test environment learning in an integrated simulation environment.

Heard about AMIQ’s DVT Eclipse IDE through Youtube channels, surely a key tool to be utilized under one umbrella.

The basic features I have utilized are the Quick linter with advanced Semantic checks, Code completion for SV/UVM, bundled with many more customizations. All under one package is a big surprise to engineers. Using the DVT IDE effectively avoids human mistakes (syntax and semantics) and post-simulation-fixing loop, thus saving lot of time. It’s surely a blessing for verification engineers.

I am grateful to our India support team from DelphiumTech, who are dedicated with high spirits, patience and customer centric availability and technical help, all the time.

Mill Chen

Senior Asic & Soc Design and Verification Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

DVT IDE is perfect to me. I feel great with DVT, its editor and intelligent sense function help me develop easier. I like to use it in my jobs.

Doug Gibson

Master Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

Our company has been using DVT IDE for 9 years and it's an indispensable part of our workflow. The productivity we gain from the tool's testbench analysis capabilities enables us to focus on the larger picture rather than getting lost in the details while fixing endless minor bugs in our code. During those 9 years, I've asked multiple times for enhancements that I thought were difficult or impossible for the AMIQ team to achieve and they've come through, to my amazement. Thank you AMIQ for a wonderful product!

Andrew Kinane

Principal Electronic Design Engineer | linkedin icon View LinkedIn Profile

Just a short note of thanks to give the AMIQ team kudos as they are in my experience the most proactive EDA vendor I've come across for support on any query no matter how big or small. Thanks!