Accelerating Hardware Design Using DVT IDE for Visual Studio Code


DVT IDE for Visual Studio Code is an integrated development environment that significantly improves productivity of hardware design and verification engineers who are working with languages like Verilog, SystemVerilog, or VHDL. This video focuses on how design engineers can benefit from the features provided by DVT.

00:00 Introduction
06:37 DVT Compilation
09:25 Design Exploration
18:17 Code Navigation
22:52 Quick Fixes
26:23 IntelliSense
30:07 Code Formatting & Refactoring
33:34 Tasks
34:58 Source Code Management
36:09 Contact Us

DVT IDE for Visual Studio Code:
Visual Studio Code:

You can install DVT IDE from Visual Studio Marketplace using ext install amiq.dvt command.

Visual Studio Code documentation resources:
Basic Editing:
Extension Marketplace:
Version Control:

This video was shot using DVT 22.1.1