DVT Debugger Integration - Part I - Connect the DVT IDE to the Simulator


The DVT Debugger Add-On Module, an extension of the DVT Eclipse IDE, allows you to debug your code from within the DVT IDE: add breakpoints, control the simulation (stop, resume, step), inspect variables, and so on.

To control the simulation from within DVT, a communication channel must be established with the simulator. The first part of this demo movie series shows how to connect DVT to a simulation launched either from DVT (using a DVT Generic Run Configuration) or from outside DVT (from example in a terminal). In both situations, one has to pass the simulator a set of specific command line switches, documented in the DVT Debugger Integration Simulation Prerequisites documentation page: http://dvteclipse.com/documentation/sv/Simulation_Prerequisites.html.

The second part of this demo movie series illustrates the flow of a typical debug session: first add some breakpoints and resume the simulation until it hits the first breakpoint. Then step through some code, navigate the call stack, inspect and watch variables. It's even possible to change a variable value: it's just a click away!

For further information about the DVT Debugger, please visit: http://www.dvteclipse.com/DVT_Debugger_Add-On_Module.html