AMIQ Announces the Release of the OVM to UVM Migration Wizard

June 14, 2010, Anaheim, CA — AMIQ EDA s.r.l., the leading and independent provider of integrated development environments (IDEs) for the e and SystemVerilog verification languages, today announced the availability of the Open Verification Methodology (OVM) to Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) Migration Wizard, as part of the latest release of the Design and Verification Tools (DVT) IDE. The wizard has been developed to support a smooth transition to UVM, the new verification methodology released by Accellera "for the expressed purpose of fostering universal verification IP interoperability", as it is stated on

The DVT platform is aware and supports UVM, enabling verification engineers to take advantage of all major features and unique innovations in the new verification methodology. With the OVM to UVM Migration Wizard capability, the DVT provides automatic OVM to UVM migration, which helps users that adopt UVM to get up to speed in record time.

The OVM to UVM Migration Wizard allows users to replace OVM constructs with the UVM equivalent ones across all project files, including file name changes and script updates. The wizard also enables verification engineers to customize the replacement parameters and specify the UVM library location. Before making any final modifications, users can preview all the changes they have made and select which ones to apply or skip.

AMIQ continues to develop new features that would maximize verification engineers' efficiency and accelerate methodology adoption. Besides the existing UVM specific features, such as simulation log recognition, project and code templates, macro expansion, and construct autocomplete, to name a few, AMIQ works to implement UVM Compliance Review, which will be ready in the third quarter.

AMIQ is exhibiting at the 2010 Design Automation Conference (DAC), in Anaheim,CA, June 13- 18, booth #1417. Cristian Amitroaie, AMIQ's CEO is presenting and showcasing demos related to the DVT IDE.


AMIQ EDA focuses on adding value to the verification domain through its proprietary tools and over 10 years of expertise in ASIC functional verification and reusable IP development. AMIQ EDA provides the Design and Verification Tools (DVT™) platform, the first integrated development environment (IDE) for e and SystemVerilog. Powerful, yet easy to use, the DVT platform integrates in a single window a smart code editor with a complete suite of tools such as class browser, linter, revision control, and task tracking. It works with all major simulators and supports popular verification methodologies like OVM/UVM and VMM. The DVT IDE enables efficient code writing, simplifies the maintenance of reusable libraries and legacy code, and allows verification engineers to easily navigate through a project, making their work much easier and efficient. More information is available at

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