AMIQ EDA Achieves ISO 9001 Quality Standard Certification

October 27, 2021, Bucharest, Romania — AMIQ EDA, a pioneer in integrated development environments (IDEs) for hardware design and verification and a provider of platform-independent software tools for efficient code development and analysis, today announced that the International Management Accreditation Board (IMAB) has certified the company’s processes as compliant with the ISO 9001 international standard for quality management systems. An extensive audit by IMAB established that the product development and management processes at AMIQ EDA meet or exceed all requirements defined in the latest version (ISO 9001:2015) of the widely respected standard.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) publishes a wide range of technical, industrial and commercial standards. The ISO 9000 series deals with quality management systems for organizations to ensure that their products and services meet customer and regulatory requirements. ISO 9001 defines the specific requirements that these organizations must meet, and certification is provided by external auditing agencies. The scope of the standard includes leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, and continual improvement. More than a million companies and organizations worldwide have achieved ISO 9001 certification.

“We are proud of our product development flow and other processes, and we continually strive for the highest quality,” said Cristian Amitroaie, CEO of AMIQ EDA. “We are pleased that the rigorous assessment by IMAB has recognized the effectiveness of our approach and certified that we satisfy the stringent requirements of ISO 9001. We believe that this is an important step in our company’s evolution and growth.”

AMIQ EDA is discussing and demonstrating its products virtually at DVCon Europe.


AMIQ EDA provides design and verification engineers with platform-independent software tools that enable them to increase the speed and quality of new code development, simplify debugging and legacy code maintenance, accelerate language and methodology learning, improve testbench reliability, extract automatically accurate documentation, and implement best coding practices. Its solutions, DVT Eclipse IDE, DVT Debugger, Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter, and Specador Documentation Generator have been adopted worldwide. AMIQ strives to deliver high quality solutions and customer service responsiveness. For more information about AMIQ EDA and its solutions, visit and