Alessandro Ogheri

I've enjoyed now for many years already DVT Eclipse IDE.

I used to be (and still am) a big Emacs editor aficionado and usually I was able to do a lot with the editor alone... after all, it has regular expression search and replace, ...block editing....even a psychiatrist online written in common Lisp...what else could you need when you code Specman e Language or SystemVerilog ? ?

WELL, when I started using DVT Eclipse IDE, I've found that ALL THE EDITING capabilities were in it of course as well (apart the psychiatrist but perhaps the AMIQ engineers will implement it in a next release), so if you are after "search and replace with regular expressions" ... emacs compatibility mode... do not fear!! All of that is anyway there!!

BUT THEN THE REAL differentiation starts: do you always remember in your mind all WHEN subtypes of a when inheritance hierarchy of your project ?

Do you remember all "is first" "is also" "is only" AND IN WHICH ORDER ARE THEY SEEN by your specman parser when the simulator loads the .e files ? ?

In DVT, here they are: use a mouse button and a menu and you can immediately see how they are wrapped and in which order ...

Do you want to refactor your code but you fear to break something ?

Well, the chances you break something are VASTLY reduced using DVT Eclipse IDE because you do not have "just an editor" that stores your ascii files. You have a tool that has PARSED and CONSTRUCTED AST (abstract syntax trees) of your files, and KNOWS where something is used and from where it came from.

So I can really only suggest to use DVT Eclipse IDE if you are coding Specman e Language (or SystemVerilog and UVM, if for that) verification environments.