Kara Tervooren

DVT Eclipse IDE has been an invaluable tool. As a member of an EDA team, I work with several business units. I use DVT Eclipse because it allows me to become familiar with their environment quickly. I can use the tool's browser-style navigation capability, hyperlinks, and intelligent searching mechanism. I can see the testbench and design hierarchy. I can also create architecture diagrams at any granularity.

DVT Eclipse IDE is also useful for people who are learning how to develop testbenches using UVM, SystemVerilog, and C++. The tool shows compilation errors as you type. It enables code creation through auto-completion, code templates, module instantiation, etc. These features are helpful for new verification engineers as well as seasoned ones because it greatly improves their efficiency.

The support for this tool is amazing. The people at AMIQ are always available the moment we need help. If we need the tool to support something that it doesn't, they implement a fix and release a new version of the tool immediately. AMIQ is the best!